coral bomber with stan smith’s

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Try as we might it seems it’s just too hard to stay in one place for very long. Traveling again on Monday for three days to study what’s coming our way for Fall Winter 14 fashion.

In the meantime been relying on this coral bomber jacket and borrowed from the boy’s Stan Smith kicks to do the runaround. Loving the bright bag from the Paris trip, pretty much treating it like a neutral and carrying it with just about everything.

Hope everyone’s off to the beginning of a fun Summer 14.

Why not try a bright athletic inspired jacket and some box fresh sneakers for your runaround? Wet hair and no makeup except for a quick slick of gloss keep it fresh.

Every day dress, coral bomber with Stan Smith’s.

Coral Bomber Jacket | Worth New York Summer 14

Sneakers | Stan Smith

I Am Love Tee | Haute Hippie | at Tony Walker & Co.

White Jean | Rag & Bone | at Tony Walker & Co.

Bag | Louis Vuitton

flatten out

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With Father’s Day this weekend you might be doing some grilling. Here are a few ideas from a get together we had a few weeks ago. While steaks might be a favorite, sometimes poultry’s the thing, especially with a big group.

Bought 7 organic whole chickens from the market and Ina’s recipe called for them to be flattened. Flattened? Young butcher behind the counter had no idea what I was talking about so decided to just take those birds home and get it done. You can learn anything with your laptop and google. Put that thing right up on the kitchen windowsill and went to work. All those years of sewing and cutting fabric on the bias totally helped out.



Asparagus, leeks, fennel, peas, and chives went in the risotto stirred with vegetable broth. Sweetened it all up with a bit of marscapone cheese. Mesclun and a mustard vinaigrette rounded things out.


Sweet cherries and cookies, baked in the city and brought to the country, flat boots, bare feet, flat sandals, and blue jeans. We were all pretty much happily flattened out.

Photos below are not for the vegetarians, vegans, or those that don’t like to mess it up in the kitchen. They show what really went on.


Every day dress, not afraid to flatten out.

Happy upcoming Father’s Day.






white dress nude shoe

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The end of the school year brings with it so many times that call for a dress. Sure, pants or  a skirt would do, and sometimes quite nicely. Simply being a little old-school here thinking that graduations, moving up ceremonies, bridal showers, engagement parties, milestone birthday celebrations, special cocktail parties, a dress is best. A dress shows intent on the wearer’s part that something significant is taking place, and that you’re honored to be there.


For youngest daughter’s 8th grade graduation followed her lead, haha, and wore a white dress with a nude shoe. Not completely white, didn’t want to appear as I too was hoping to graduate, but white with some strong pattern. The nude shoe actually a nude suede shoe boot, with this getting older thing always try to keep it looking modern.

Given the choice by her Catholic school of wearing any pastel colored or white dress with any colored shoe, we chose a simple white ponte with fitted bodice and slight a-line skirt, and a classic patent nude pump. Felt confident that years from now she could look back and feel appropriately dressed.

My work with women young, older, and in-between continually reminds me that most want to look and feel their best and to know that what they are wearing for any given occasion is appropriate and good-looking. For end of school year happenings, think about a white dress and nude shoe. Classic.

Every day dress, mother daughter, white dress nude shoe.

blue suede shoes

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Life is busy and complicated and sometimes a pair of blue suede shoes can be quick fix. Not a solution, is there ever really one, but a nice little pick-up to move you through the day.

Saw these and thought they were the right pairing for the cutout dress. Wedge heel grounds the look, enough visual angles with the dress so opted out of any kind of pointed heel with zippers or straps. Kept the makeup and nail color neutral, the dress makes the statement, no exclamation points or jewelry needed.

Every day dress, thinking we could all use some blue suede shoes now and then.


Blue Suede Shoes | Aquatalia

Dress | BCBG

keeping it low and above the knee

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IMG_6545IMG_6547IMG_6535IMG_6536IMG_6540IMG_6530City summer street style for us has been low-top sneakers or flat sandals with white or light-colored dresses above the knee. A little jean jacket if you’re in your twenties or a little motor-inspired cardigan if you’re not can get you places fast and easy. Even the granny’s got on flats and the dress a little above the knee.

Every day dress and we’re keeping it low and above the knee for active runaround city street style.

20 40

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Two weeks ago Friday husband and I hosted about 32 for oysters etc. and cocktails in Washington DC. Mixed company: family; all ages, graduate students, college students, lawyers, bankers, entrepreneurs, mostly Ethan’s fraternity brothers from Wake Forest.  Location: Hotel Monaco, outdoors. Occasion: Law School Commencement, Ethan.

If you google 20 40, you get a bunch of results about vision. Here we’re talking about what was worn. Oldest two daughters, both in their twenties, wore minimal, modern dresses of the same designer. Every day dress, on the short end of forty, tweed boucle and red leather.

It can be a fine line sometimes on what to wear. Like vision, it can kind of sneak up on you about what’s needed and when. 20 40, stretch printed neoprene for the twenty year olds, tweed boucle sheath dress for short end of forty.

Every day dress, 20 40.


back to brand

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After two nights off happy to return to where the heart really is, back to brand, Worth New York.

Took the blue floral skirt from Wednesday night and added brown tank, denim shirt, brown belt and go to Chanel western riding boots, ha ha.

Yes, husband kind of comments about each new outfit but they are not really new outfits, simply new configurations of what has been worn before.

No shame in wearing things many times and photographing it too. Good clothes are meant to be worn and worn often.

So, here, every day dress, back to brand and wearing Worth New York. Don’t be afraid to wear your things often and to mix brown and blue, it works, really.

Skirt Tank Belt | Worth New York

Denim Shirt | 7 For All Mankind

Boots | Chanel | Super old so not adding the hyperlink 🙂


resort to ranch

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For Friday morning 7:30 am question and answer session with CEO, president, and founding partners, pulled on white jeans, same blouse and belt from Wednesday night dinner outfit, and boots that were worn on Tuesday for travel day. Had half an hour to attend the session and then it was hit the road for four and half hour drive to a guest ranch outside of Greer, AZ.

The clothes had to be polished enough for a company meet and greet yet comfortable and relaxed enough for the drive to the ranch. White blouse performed well for the company look and white jeans, boots, and silver belt gave it enough of a checking out of here and going somewhere else vibe while not being inappropriate. It was Friday after all.

Really wanted to wear grey boots, probably would have been a better look, but locked myself out of the hotel room while family was still sleeping and had to go with what was put on in the dark. Oh, well, not really that big of a deal.

Every day dress pulls together a resort to ranch look by pairing pieces together that were all worn before. Use your clothes in different ways.

are you wearing the right size?

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Many of my clients arrive wearing clothes that are simply too big. Yes, we all have body image issues going on, large or small, haven’t really met too many women that don’t, but, are you wearing the right size?

Take some time, check and really look at what you are wearing, disregard the size on the tag, and consult maybe with a trusted confident or professional to see if you are truly wearing the right size.

Most women, and I speak from experience here, wear, buy, and order clothing that is too large. A fitted silhouette on all figures, size 0 or 16, is truly more flattering.

Worked with my mom for two years to get her to go down from a size MD to SM. Her shape did not change. Her look was simply more by wearing clothing that was closer to her body. She is 74 and a good size 12 in skirts, sometimes 10, and pants. On top she always thought she was a MD, no, a SM looks so much better. She agrees and is now happy and more confident.

So, here is the question, are you wearing the right size? Do you feel good in your clothing? Would love to hear your thoughts…

Dress shown, Worth New York | Summer 2013 | size XP and size SM, which do you prefer? I can take the heat if you think the size XP is too tight, size PT, sold out. Wanted the dress.

Really trying to help, have seen so many women wear clothing that is simply too big for them…

Every day dress.

before the storm

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Media has been all about the impending big storm, cancelled flights, school closings. So, before all the heavy outerwear comes on for the weekend, decided to go coatless yesterday.

Wednesday all black, Thursday tried for color. White, orange, red, blue. White jeans, orange silk blouse, red bracelets, blue blanket wrap instead of a coat.

While the weather report predicts stormy days ahead, the only thing I know from looking at recent media (camera for sure adds ten) is that it’s time to think about not eating cake. Anyone with me?

Have a great Friday.

Jeans and Blouse | Worth New York

Bracelets and Blanket Wrap | Hermes

Bag | Prada

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