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Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar are of course the monthly must read but what’s been really enjoyed lately is the Wall Street Journal, Personal Journal, and here it really resonates. Wednesday’s edition summed it in so many words that what’s needed to update the Fall 2013 wardrobe is leather. Husband wishes I would read more of the financial news.

Couldn’t agree more. Picture shown here was snapped by colleague Mary Collins on my iPhone this past week Tuesday while in NYC for fashion preview. Notice the leather leg, and here it’s not just for kids. Women, why not add a little leather? It stretches, feels good on your skin, and humans have worn it forever.

There is leather out there for all. Whether you choose the leather leg, the leather embellished tee, or go full on with a leather dress or leather skirt suit, don’t be shy, the leather look is not just for kids.

Footnote: wore flat leather Chanel Boy Boots purchased many seasons ago and the Manolo Blahnik BB pumps for work meetings are tucked safely in the Céline bag. Can’t possibly get through 14 hours in NYC with heels on.

Second footnote: can you notice the balding on the pony hair calf on the front of the bag? Purchased this bag last September in Florence Italy and the pony hair has worn thin, thoughts? Céline is now producing this bag with a full leather back and pony hair on the front side only.

Third footnote: check out the red lace dress in Bergdorf Goodman’s window. 🙂 The red lace dress is big for sure.

Every day dress does the leather leg while in NYC last week Tuesday for in and out work meetings.

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  1. I also have a pony hair bag balding and I have decided to embrace it and just keep using it… it is like a rich patina ..ages with time…oh andI am never buying an expensive pony hair bag again…. love the blog!!!!

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