tory tribal ralph

IMG_2560Never really thought I would put those three words together but here goes; tory tribal ralph.

Starting with the footwear, bought the Tory Burch sandals probably three years ago on sale at Foot Candy in Sonoma, CA. Have had them stashed and bring them out every once in a while. Tribal pants? You know, want to wear pajamas, blog about no yoga pants, so here is the next best thing. Twenty year old daughter and twenty-three year old son give them the thumbs up, son says they are a little MC Hammer. Have to wear a heel, no flat sandal or totally a pajama look, and that’s not good.

Black Ralph tank? Ten years ago: Holt Renfrew, Toronto, Canada. Still remember the male sales clerk, thank you sir, love that tank.

Tory tribal ralph, an unusual combination but worked for today.


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