the quick fix

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Thinking that the most comfortable outfit ever would be a tee, jeans, and a cashmere v-neck sweater. Works for both men and women.

Thinking that the classic combination of grey and camel is always comforting.

When you are in need of the quick wardrobe fix, fall back on the above.

While traveling home from Europe after eight or nine days, can’t really even remember, needed/wanted a quick comfortable wardrobe fix. Nothing quite like airport shopping. Really wanted to pay 35 pounds or 50 euros or whatever it was for the deluxe lounge with the bedroom and shower to change into the new stuff but ran out of time. Picked up three new quick pieces at London Heathrow Zara. Have been living in them ever since. Put them on, take them off, put them on.

Black short-sleeved v-neck tee, you can never have enough of those. Jeans, how many pair do you all own, this time in black-coated cotton. Kind of the look and feel of leather yet machine washable and way less expensive. Grey cashmere v-neck sweater, never go wrong with that. Zara, you made it easy and how do you do it at those prices?

While we love and lust for our real deal luxury items, sometimes we need/want the quick fix.

Tee, jeans, and sweater, the quick fix. Strong classic accessories always a good idea.

Tee Jeans Sweater | Zara

Boots Handbag | Chanel

Cashmere Blanket Wrap | Worth New York

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  1. Love this look! Have ten years on you and decided I had to go for the coated cotton jeans

    • Oh, good for you! Coated jeans are super comfortable and can help to dress up your whole look. I have a 73 year old client I am going to move into a pair of coated jeans. Thanks for reading and commenting. Have a great day.

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