the shape of your shoe


We all know the shape of our shoe can decide our mood and feel: how about those Birkenstocks?


For day-long work switched between the high-heeled sandal and the now current throwback. Wore some paisley pants, paisley is a strong spring/summer trend, and a french blue cotton shirt with shocker, black cardigan. Black and blue? keep it going…



Erika and team, thank you for a great day. Summer 2015 Preview meeting beyond exceptional.

TGIF and have a great weekend everyone.


(Did it! Five posts, each weekday, taking the weekend off!). Sorry, no manicure or pedicure, simply clear coat, we’ve been busy. 🙂


Every day dress, the shape of your shoe, what’s your preference?

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  1. I’m partial to a pointed- toe. The new generation of Birkenstocks look tempting, particularly the Givenchy version, but I don’t know if I have enough granola in me to pull it off!

  2. love the cardigan!!!!!

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