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Here, at every day dress, muscle, curves, and a handful or two of healthy flesh coexists happily with a fashionable lifestyle.

Yes, fashion hangs most certainly better on super thin women. Love the look of Gwyneth, Kate, and Carine. Having been given the genetic makeup for muscle growth and muscle memory and not legs up to the underarms, went the fitness route instead. Much more sustainable than trying to seek what never could be, and believe me gave that way too many tries.

Plus, we like to be able to move furniture, carry in bags of groceries, haul a case or two of wine, pick a child up in our arms and provide warmth and comfort. Nothing better than to have the strength to get through whatever the day brings with grace and ease.

Thoughts on fitness? Find something you enjoy and like the sneaker company says, just do it. Ballet, yoga, running, gardening, weight training, walking, whatever, for the head and body let’s all move, and daily.

Every day dress loves women of all sizes and encourages some pursuit of fitness for the head and body, every day.

Recent thought on what to wear to the gym? At this age, heading towards fifty, feeling more confident when tossing on something over the body conscious work out apparel that can cover the butt. Shown here is a light weight cotton anorak in a bright pop of color that makes stopping at the grocery afterwards okay.

Have a great Sunday.

Crush Cotton Anorak | Worth New York Spring 2012

Spring Summer 2013 Trunk Show going on now through May 9



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