underneath it all


Beautiful clothing calls for beautiful, and sometimes fun, little nothings underneath it all.

Whether you wear professional suiting or skinny jeans and knitwear, taking a risk underneath it all helps to keep things fun and can either take the edge off or add to all that black.

Thinking of jazzing up your lingerie wardrobe? Shopping for luxurious designer lingerie doesn’t require you to be super skinny, which is always a good thing. A few curves here and there simply enhance the experience.

Feeling unsure? Ask for some help, those of us that like to help women with their wardrobes like to share our resources and help you get it right in many ways. Visit Nicole at Agent Provocateur in Boston MA, 123 Newbury Street. She can help you with the whole thing. Thanks Nicole.

Every day dress hits up Agent Provocateur. Leaving it to your imagination about what’s inside the iconic pink box.


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