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Second day of summer 16 and like women all over we’re juggling multiple gigs.

Checked into the Waldorf NYC last week Tuesday early morning and barely left the hotel until late Thursday afternoon. For day-long meetings wore a dress each and every time. Nothing easier than a dress when you’re always in a rush. Ordered lunch in, room service for one in a city of culinary opportunity. Needed some down time.


Flew back to BUF with oldest NYC daughter on Thursday and helped her prep a summer country weekend for her city friends, about 40 of them. We did the usual, mac and cheese, chicken and burgers, salad, roasted potatoes and asparagus on the grill, (no more room in the oven), and cookies.





Love the work mode and the mom mode, just keep going. Good clothes help, for sure. 🙂


dance party in the kitchen always


funny bikini cookies, it was a pool party after all


best friends since 6th grade



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  1. What a stunning spread! The love shines!!

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