scarf as bracelet

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Quick post: runaround day. We’ve seen scarf as halter, and scarf as dress. Now, scarf as bracelet. Leandra of Man Repeller fame does it, so can you.

Take a long narrow scarf and wrap and tie. If you’re home alone you might have to use your teeth, haha. Great way to dress up the jeans (I know, again), and the second son’s black v-neck sweater.

It’s quick, and easy. Best part, the more you have to do the less I like to have accessories get in the way. This sits quietly on the wrist, no noise when you’ve got to go.

Every day dress, scarf as bracelet.

How did it get to Thursday already?

scarf | from an old sweater top | Worth New York

same jeans, chambray shirt

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IMG_4286 IMG_4290 IMG_4295When traveling, and really just about any day, it’s easiest to wear certain things over and over. Buy well, wear often.

For day 2 of quick little in and out getaway, wore the same white jeans, added a belt, and tucked in the chambray shirt that if truth be told was the night before night-shirt, untucked of course.

One kind of rock and roll cuff, a pair of flats. Eye makeup, grocery store nude lipstick, and done. Nothing fancy or unusual here, simply an easy way to dress during your downtime.

Have a great weekend everyone, heading back north tomorrow morning.

Every day dress, same jeans, chambray shirt.

over skinny

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Two nights in a row went out to the same restaurant and wore the same blue jeans in small upstate New York ski town. While we’ll never really be over skinny here at every day dress, love our three squares way too much for that, one thing we’re feeling is that we just might be over the skinny jean trend for a bit.

For some clients it’s the absolute go-to: any shoe or boot will work regardless of heel height or lack of, and it’s the perfect runaround from dawn to dawn. 🙂 Just feeling the itch for a new cut. Until we can make the jump to the high-waisted sailor pant or even the flare, coming soon we know along with the wedge heel, it’s back to the old slouchy kind of boyfriend jean bought probably four or so years ago out on the west coast. Very fit friend thought it was nuts, why buy or wear loose jeans?

Well, it’s been a long winter and we need something new/old. So until those high-waisted white flared jeans get here, ordered them today, we are so over skinny, haha. Need the snow to melt, and fast.  FullSizeRender FullSizeRender  FullSizeRender FullSizeRender


Don’t you just the love the cool western modern decor? Two nights in a row, yes please.

Dina’s Restaurant | Ellicottville NY

New/Old Jeans | Citizens of Humanity

xo, rebecca minkoff

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It’s Thursday, so let’s throw back a little: November 2013 had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca Minkoff via Tony Walker & Co. and the WNY Women’s Foundation. She was there in support of women and children and breaking the poverty cycle in our community.

By profession she does bags, shoes, clothes, so naturally we love her. Really don’t remember a lot about the afternoon but do remember exactly what she was wearing, all black, with a great neon blue manicure, and that she talked about family, and her brother. Loved that.


There was an auction, so naturally bid on one of her great bags. She signed it ‘To Rebecca XO Rebecca Minkoff’.

Every day dress, xo, Rebecca Minkoff.


all photos | Joe Cascio Photography

a good tote

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IMG_4107Super quick post: it’s Monday and we’re prepping for Spring Trunk Show opening this Friday.

When you’re on the go a good tote is a great thing. Even better when there’s a story behind it and a saying stamped on there to remind you of things you’ve gotta do.


Let’s hear it for ‘The most effective way to do it, is to do it’. Amelia Earhart (1897 – 1939), aviation pioneer and author.

Love that thought. One of the amazing thing’s about ‘is to do it’ is what can come of it. Sure it involves risk, and uncertainty, but how about the other stuff?

By doing this job here of mine, the recruiting piece, simply called up this super-succesful and highly influential woman, Gail Riggs, on the phone one afternoon. She designs handbags, and now accessories, to honor iconic women in history. Her company, Abigail Riggs, headquartered in Rochester NY, has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities including the Susan B. Anthony Museum.

We talked, and talked again, and now I have a friend and colleague in Rochester NY. She is passionate about empowering women with messages of strength, love, and encouragement. Check her inspiration out at Abigail Riggs.

So, back to work, and thank you Gail. You have connected me to a little piece of history with a good tote, one that reminds me that ‘the most effective way to do it, is to do it’. 

Earhart Tote (reversible to black) | Abigail Riggs


for your weekend

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Perhaps you’ll be doing a little mall walking, not really our thing yet when the temp is 1° and feels like -18° with the wind chill factored in, sometimes you’ve just gotta go with it.

Picked these few things up recently while in FL, cold there as well. Heck, when the worlds most beautiful women wear this stuff, we should too. It’s all less than $100, and each piece alone half that, so pretty easy lift.

Bought the one piece one size up, didn’t want a tight fit, kind of loose might be good since we’ve done this too:


For your weekend, every day dress, hope it’s a great one.

lingerie | Victoria’s Secret

sneakers | Converse

cookies | Nestlé’s Tollhouse

no black pants

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For a quick holiday weekend getaway south, intentionally packed no black pants. White, grey, light blue denim, yes, several black tops and all black workout wear. Black yoga pants do not count as black pants, and black yoga pants should probably only be worn when doing such yoga, or while sipping coffee with those you have breakfast with.


It’s about -6 degrees back home, schools are closed. Scooted out-of-town, threw some stuff in a carry-on; black dress, white dress, white bikini (fingers crossed), white jeans, grey jeans, wore blue jeans and black boots on the plane, black puffer, it’s cold even down here, two cashmere sweaters, two cotton blouses, a couple of tanks, a pair of sneakers, some stacked heel white sandals. That’s it, getting the color from the bag, Chartreuse, and the fancy from the small shoulder bag, Prada, and a couple different bracelets.

Saw another woman at the airport loaded down with three suitcases on rollers, wow, why? It’s good to discipline yourself when packing and only bring the things you really wear, and really love. Makes it easier for yourself and everyone around you.

Every day dress, no black pants, this time. 🙂 Stay warm everyone, -8 degrees back in BUF. 

ski wear in the city

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Snowing again, style be damned. Third daughter got out of the car this morning and said she couldn’t take one more day of wearing boots. Well, let’s dig down and dig deep. An eight minute commute now takes sixty – so ski wear it is, especially for the feet.


So glad this cashmere sweater is on deck, not sure what the daily outfit would look like these past few months without it.


Saw this license plate after the school pick-up yesterday, thought it was funny and on point.

Every day dress, ski wear in the city.

dinner in

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For dinner in at dear friend’s home Saturday night wore sleeveless blue velvet. Sometimes it’s fun to do the unexpected and get kind of overdressed.  Three bangles on the left arm dressed it down. A little exposed shoulder this time of year is easy to pull off, Donna Karan tells us in this month’s Porter magazine ‘Women have all different kinds of body issues, as do I, but the one asset for every woman is her shoulders; they never gain weight, and never get wrinkles, guaranteed.’ Donna, you are a true fashion heroine.


Barbara and Bill, so much fun to break bread with you and friends. Thank you for keeping that good tradition alive, dinner in, complete delight. xo

black black black

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As it’s white white white all around without a let-up in sight, decided to dig into the archives.


For travel, and really every day, picking a neutral and building your wardrobe around it is a good thing. We like to move quick and light, so black here it is.

A great black dress, black tank, black jeans, black shoes, and a black leather jacket will take you miles, and span seasons. Yeah, we list this site as fashion and should probably write and wear with more color, it’s just that there’s so much going on around all the time that sometimes the simpler the better.


We follow some really great fashion blogs. There are days though that instead of inspiring it’s a visual economic energy overload. Many women love new things, and we love new things too. Better than a constant replenishing though is having things you can count on, that work hard to get you out the door, where you’re going, all while looking good and appropriate.

So, for you it might be blue blue blue, or pattern pattern pattern, or even a mix-up. Love getting clients in things that they reach for over and over. Maybe you pay a little more up front yet each time you outfit repeat that cost per wear goes down down down. Colleague likes to say the most expensive piece of clothing in your wardrobe is the one you never wear.

Writing this wearing what else, black black and denim while working on Spring Trunk Show invites with snow all around.



Good news too, we’re investing in much more than the clothes we wear: hired a fashion minded young women to come in two or three times a week. She’s a full-time student, works two other jobs, and jumps in while we both learn while we go. Working, learning, and moving forward with other women is a good place to be. Note her work on the side bar, Instagram is updated, archives are organized, top posts are there, clients can actually book an appointment, and Twitter we so need to work on, she says I’ve just gotta do it. Thanks, Alexa.


Oldest daughter working from home today, looks like we have a staff!

TGIF everyone. Hope you all have a few great things in that closet of yours that you wear over and over. Makes the day so much easier.

Every day dress, black black black.

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