dress over pants

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dress over black bodysuit and black skinny jeans

One of my go-to style tricks is to start the day with a black bodysuit and black skinny jeans and runaround everywhere and get stuff done. When it’s time to leave the house, office, or studio and face the world outside simply layer over top: a jacket, a knit, or even a dress, add some good shoes or boots, and done.

could be windy in Provence like it was here in Kiawah at The Ocean Course

Bought this new L’Agence piece for upcoming three-week trip to Provence. I’ll wear it there with sandals and a straw hat for market trips or if the mistral kicks in I’ll do the dress over pants thing to add a layer of warmth.  

iPhone photo of red cotton dress over black skinnies, this one is short on one side and the skinny black denim helps with some coverage

This idea also works if you think your legs have had way too much fun and you don’t feel like sharing them anymore, yet still want to wear a dress or two. 

xoxo, Rebecca

six reasons why I don’t diet

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paper napkins, battery candle, we we’re traveling…

Family, and a few close friends, know I can throw down a four-letter word or two with the best of them, unfortunately. Profanity has been a recent addition to my lexicon, as has wine-drinking, if you count the last five or eight years as recent. 

While raising kids using four letter words or having a glass of wine never really even entered the realm of thinking, we had four under four and then six years later two twenty months apart, we were busy. 

wine, boxed croissants, and bagged avocados in the back pantry

Now I like to do both, swear a little and drink wine, if I’m being honest. 

Anyway, the point of this post is to share with you a four-letter word I’ve banished forever unless health requirements ever deem it necessary for me or those I love: DIET. 

Today is the first of May, undoubtedly there are many that professed today is the day I’ll get summer body ready and not eat carbs, go Keto, work out like crazy, be sober, whatever. I’m not in.

bread and butter, what else is there sometimes

Butter is love. When I was a kid my sister and I would march around the dining room table, she is eating butter, me eating sugar, maybe there was some bread in there. I’ve come over to the butter. Kerrygold, preferably salted, or a good European butter any day of the week, actually any butter any day of the week. Butter is the every day. 

mother and daughter at the stove
serving together is a winning game
coming together around the table

I will fail. Some games I’ll play like tennis, or cards, knowing I won’t win yet I’ll play anyways. The last time I really did a diet game it was probably South Beach and I was actually hallucinating while out to dinner when the waiter came with two chocolates on a tray after eating some kind of moderate white fish. I ate the chocolate. Diets are an epic fail. 

always add some greens

Diets are boring. No one really wants to hear what I’m eating or not or what you’re eating or not. Really good food is really good food so given the opportunity let’s simply enjoy. The end. 

Diets don’t work. Sure, I’ve contributed to the multi-zillion dollar diet industry and have a countless stack of books and diet cookbooks (boring) and in moments of insecurity I’ll go back to them or google how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days or something similar. Nothing changes, except the bank account of the diet experts

I like to cook, and feed those I love. Shopping, reading, prepping, making, cooking, baking, serving, cleaning up, you name it, I’ll do it if it brings my family together around a table for a shared meal. In my world when family and friends are together breaking bread there is no room for restriction, it’s one of the purest pleasures I know. 

Four daughters, and women clients. Oh, you have no idea the angst at times of four daughters and working with women and their clothes and their bodies. Rarely is anyone at ease with where they are with themselves, and we all should most definitely be. Diets don’t help with any of that. 

Okay, so that’s why no diets around here. I’d rather eat well, walk a ton, talk maybe inappropriately at times, and definitely enjoy a glass of wine, or two. 

Happy May Day. Every day dress. xoxo

new jeans in town

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left for the weekend and stayed for twelve days…

Yeah, every time I travel, I buy a new pair of jeans. Always searching for the next best pair thinking they will somehow make life better.

new jeans, MOTHER

This time it was Mother, a high rise and an extra wide leg because you know about those extra wide legs. These are a little tight, probably could have used one size up but you know I just had to have them, and they were the only ones left. They also have an interesting or not chewed hem.

new sandals, Louis Vuitton Farnenheit

How about you, are you always looking for the catch of the day?

being glamorous and trying to figure out this really hard camera, double eye roll…

Every day dress, new jeans in town.

three new things

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Beautycounter, Smith & Cult, La Mer

Last Mother’s Day weekend we were in NYC doing wedding shower things and four daughters gifted me with some beauty things from Bluemercury. One of the products was a divine lip balm from La Mer. I absolutely loved it as it gave just the slightest hint of soft pink color, moisturized and conditioned, and gave just a little minty tingle. I used every last bit of that balm, and have looked high and low to replace it, no luck.

While in Greenville SC last week I ducked into the local Main Street Bluemercury and picked up a new nail color, Smith & Cult Kundalini Hustle, and La Mer The Lip Volumizer.

do it yourself red mani/pedi

I got kind of sucked into the gel phenom for a while and now doing my own thing with the mani/pedi. My go-to nail color is usually Wicked, by Essie, or a neutral white, nude, or pale pink. Red usually makes me anxious, just feeling the need for a pop lately, so red it is. I’ve got tons of travel on the calendar, and just don’t want to commit to gel. Love having the option/ability to refresh at will.

The new Lip Volumizer is nice, definitely has the La Mer price point at $75. Also has a feel-good low-key tingle. Product info says it’s infused with Miracle Broth TM, whatever Miracle Broth may be… Anyways, it is a nice product and makes a little luxurious gift for yourself or someone special.

The other lip product here is Beautycounter Color Intense Lipstick in Boardwalk. This lipstick is one of a two product duo, the other color being Sunset. Natural peppermint oil, one of its’ ingredients, provides a hint of mint here too. I actually recently joined the Beautycounter revolution after being completely overwhelmed one day while makeup shopping.

three new things that make it easy

Makeup and nail color can enhance your every day look, we simply prefer when it’s easy.

Every day dress, three new things. Maybe one or two of these you just might like. 🙂


day 20+, checking in, checking out

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haven’t hit these up, Peloton early am instead

Came for the weekend, staying for twelve plus or so. Husband says every day can be a Saturday, not quite there yet.

We’ve been checked in at downtown Greenville SC Springhill Suites, and have yet to ride those cool retro bikes. Peloton yes, every morning in the hotel gym, and outdoor steps 12,000+.

yeah, kind of logo-ish but who really cares….
two packable Kaminsky hats, one cotton blouse
it’s not black, not solid, not neutral, progress….

Bought a few things for next stop Kiawah, a fancy pair of sandals, two packable sun hats, and cotton voile long-sleeved go-everywhere blouse. Left home without them five or so days ago, second daughter Booie packing them up to bring them south, thank you Booie.

Every day dress, checking in, checking out. Soon there will be eight. And the next day eleven.

ps. for sure the blues don’t match, Lightroom CC on the wish list.


day 18, need new pants

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white blouse, navy sweater, plaid pants

So, a few nights ago spent way too long in the closet packing for spontaneous weekend getaway. I decided very last minute to join husband for trip to see third daughter’s college theatre performance. That was Thursday for early morning Friday flight. Once in Charlotte connecting flight delayed, so we simply decided to rent a car to get there in time. Ended up packing the usual, two dresses, a black sweater, white jeans, black jeans, grey tee. Wore the usual, black silk blouse, blue denim, trench, it was raining. Packing drives me absolutely crazy. The ridiculous thing is that it always comes down to the exact same stuff. I’ve been asked repeatedly to do a packing post, and not sure why I hesitate. I guess it’s just that I dread the whole ordeal, and sharing the process seems so very personal. I get it done, and most always in a carryon, yet I sit on the floor and wonder why oh why. Once I get on the plane all is fine, it’s just throwing stuff in the bag that freaks me out.

While on said plane, I did a complete virtual wardrobe overhaul. Kind of fun as it’s just virtual and you can delete items at will. In the cart were wide leg white linen pants, and black cotton straight leg trousers, thinking and knowing I will totally hit send on those two.

Transitioning between seasons can leave gaps in the wardrobe for sure, and that closet sit-down when trying to get out of town was no fun at all. Pants are the hardest thing to get right. They require try-ons and most often some alterations. I think if you find some you love, buy in multiples.

Every time I travel, I buy a new pair of jeans, always trying to get them right. I have stacks of jeans.

In the meantime, here are some photos of my current other favorite pair, shot by my son, and of course paired with white stretch cotton blouse.

For the show wore black jeans and black silk blouse with white scarf, so very original. The Furman Theatre production of John Proctor is the Villain, a new play by Kimberly Belflower, was outstanding, and so relevant to the world around us. I laughed, cried, and was emphatically moved, in all three two hours runs. Here’s a screen grab of some of the cast, our Elizabeth second from left. She too likes to wear black. 🙂

entire cast did amazing job, Elizabeth, second from left

Every day dress, clothes: plaid pants, white blouse, navy tweed cardigan, and need/want new pants.

Day eighteen, maybe. It’s now Monday, was supposed to fly out yesterday, that flight cancelled, and today’s flight cancelled too so who knows. One day runs into another, check.

twenty-one-day challenge

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black Eres swimwear, photo by @maxyny
Eres swimwear, absolute favorite

I’ve been here, there, and everywhere, not really sure where to really land. Is it food, or clothes, or style, or simply life?

I used to be pretty fearless and fairly consistent with what we would throw up on social media, particularly the blog here, and now fearless the word is one of our zillion passwords yet not how I’m currently operating. 

Anyways, I’ve been keeping on, kind of walking the walk, for sure making the bed, showing up, getting dressed, making dinner. No real blog record, we kind of got lost in the weeds, and that happens. 

For sure I have goals, and I’ve been asked to write a mission statement, as I’ve called in some professionals for a bit of an overhaul. So here goes wear good clothes, eat great food, love those around you. Pretty simple, yet it took years to get here, with roundabouts all over. If pressed, and honest, my ultimate goal would be to write a book.

Williams Media, the professionals on board, have also challenged me to get back to the basic premise here at every day dress with a three-week posting schedule, Monday through Friday, of what I’m wearing and what I’m eating. Writing and photos all about clothes and food! If I had one last day on this very sweet earth, I would so want to be wearing a really good outfit while enjoying a really fine meal, heaven on earth, I love you all. 

starched white shirt, really a city thing, yet wore it boating, sleeves rolled up

You see, when you’re running on empty the probably best way to refuel is to be solidly consistent. I’ve been challenged, and I just might fail, so be it. In the meantime, I’m going with daily outfit looks as I’m all about clothes, and daily food pics as I’m really at the heart of it all about clothes and food, and not necessarily in that order. 

Williams Media, challenge accepted.

lunch at Cabbage Key, Dolce & Gabbana phone case (last year’s version, similar here), Oliver Peoples sunglasses, Stella beer 🙂
started with the raw bar, and maybe there was a second Stella
I always go with house special, here you see Famous Black Beans & Rice with Blackened Mahi-Mahi
frozen key lime pie did not stand a chance
‘the bar with the money on the walls’
bes$t friends, with a black sharpie
dollar bills on the ceiling
if you too love clothes and food, come on along for the ride, should be fun

Every day dress, twenty-one-day challenge. If you too love clothes and food, come on along for the ride, should be fun. xoxo

ps. does this count? hyper-linked clothes and accessories and food.

out for a while

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To cap off summer shenanigans, thank goodness as it’s been a long one, husband and I did a two-day getaway at The Red Horse Inn before hitting Greenville SC for Furman University family weekend.

we stopped at a small Amish store and bought ham off the bone, hot pepper cheese, a jar of mustard and mayonnaise and a loaf of bread

Hiking the foothills of the Blue Ride Mountains and making grilled ham and cheese sandwiches in the petite cabin kitchen were the activities, perfect. The new terrace of the main house was a great spot for a glass of wine or two.

denim shirt with wide legged navy pant

new season square toe lace up boot, a season or so ago bag

Yeah, we’ve been out for a while, and looking to get back in. Two life changes, a marriage and somewhat of an empty nest after sending youngest of six off to Providence College this fall and just gotta say the tank feels low. Things that got us going like writing, and cooking, and even dressing haven’t had the same pull. That’s a problem, as we named this site every day dress, not only to talk about clothes, but more about the idea of getting up, showing up, taking risks and putting yourself out there, and to perhaps help inspire a few women to do maybe a little of the same.

Simply putting this post up on this first day of October feels awkward, as we’ve fallen off the habit, kind of like the first day of school or the first day back at the gym after a too long hiatus. We know we like it, and that it’s good for us, it’s just that we’re out of the routine.

In talking with a client today she reminded me that research suggests it takes thirty days of regularly doing ‘a thing’ to make ‘a habit’. So here we are, with an awkward feeling post, hoping to get back to regularly writing, cooking, dressing.

All I can say is every day dress. xoxo


where we’re at

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late summer quick chicken with tomato garlic compote | all vegetables from farm share

2000 miles via auto and air and 8 states in 7 days and now we’re back in the studio and making dinner at home, woot woot.

today in the studio trying on plaid, these are size 6

love this look 

leopard and plaid denim and red pumps, yes please

I’ll be in the studio until the morning of September 11th, and for the record kind of all about these plaid denim pants.

Hoping everyone out there is hitting their stride with all new season stuff: back to school, back to work; and the world spins on….

molasses cookies with vanilla and sea salt caramel ice cream, why not, still summer, still living, this was desert for 3

kitchen goods | me

clothing items | Worth New York 


fading summer

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We’ve been moving 5th child into university the past few days, and we’re all lingering about, hanging on, fading summer. She opted out of her dorm room last night, and we we’re three in a bed, priceless.

It’s been a summer for the record books, husband and I basically checked out of professional life for two straight months, (him, not so much, me, 100%), and late this afternoon we fly home.

dress | Worth New York

Tomorrow first thing I’m back into styling, and I’m going in cold. Simply gonna jump, no time for slow immersion, stunning new fall clothes arriving overnight air to studio, and late afternoon client appointments.

Thank you, Michele, for reaching out and inviting us to visit and reminding me how lucky we are to dress amazing women in beautiful clothing.

Every day dress, fading summer all around.


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