dinner in

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For dinner in at dear friend’s home Saturday night wore sleeveless blue velvet. Sometimes it’s fun to do the unexpected and get kind of overdressed.  Three bangles on the left arm dressed it down. A little exposed shoulder this time of year is easy to pull off, Donna Karan tells us in this month’s Porter magazine ‘Women have all different kinds of body issues, as do I, but the one asset for every woman is her shoulders; they never gain weight, and never get wrinkles, guaranteed.’ Donna, you are a true fashion heroine.


Barbara and Bill, so much fun to break bread with you and friends. Thank you for keeping that good tradition alive, dinner in, complete delight. xo

black black black

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As it’s white white white all around without a let-up in sight, decided to dig into the archives.


For travel, and really every day, picking a neutral and building your wardrobe around it is a good thing. We like to move quick and light, so black here it is.

A great black dress, black tank, black jeans, black shoes, and a black leather jacket will take you miles, and span seasons. Yeah, we list this site as fashion and should probably write and wear with more color, it’s just that there’s so much going on around all the time that sometimes the simpler the better.


We follow some really great fashion blogs. There are days though that instead of inspiring it’s a visual economic energy overload. Many women love new things, and we love new things too. Better than a constant replenishing though is having things you can count on, that work hard to get you out the door, where you’re going, all while looking good and appropriate.

So, for you it might be blue blue blue, or pattern pattern pattern, or even a mix-up. Love getting clients in things that they reach for over and over. Maybe you pay a little more up front yet each time you outfit repeat that cost per wear goes down down down. Colleague likes to say the most expensive piece of clothing in your wardrobe is the one you never wear.

Writing this wearing what else, black black and denim while working on Spring Trunk Show invites with snow all around.



Good news too, we’re investing in much more than the clothes we wear: hired a fashion minded young women to come in two or three times a week. She’s a full-time student, works two other jobs, and jumps in while we both learn while we go. Working, learning, and moving forward with other women is a good place to be. Note her work on the side bar, Instagram is updated, archives are organized, top posts are there, clients can actually book an appointment, and Twitter we so need to work on, she says I’ve just gotta do it. Thanks, Alexa.


Oldest daughter working from home today, looks like we have a staff!

TGIF everyone. Hope you all have a few great things in that closet of yours that you wear over and over. Makes the day so much easier.

Every day dress, black black black.

a scarf now

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Not a new idea in any way, yet now a scarf just feels so right. The silk twill kind of thing that might make you think of a man’s tie.

For an 8:30 am board meeting, some work at home, and then some work out in the field, wore what I really feel most comfortable in: grey jeans (yes, even to a board meeting), black turtleneck, black jacket, and a silk square at the neck tied on any which way. Ten years ago, maybe even five, would have never worn jeans to a board meeting – it’s good to feel good in your skin.


While out in the field at a colleague’s Spring Trunk Show, had to try this great raincoat and matching hat: downright adorable, Nancy, this has your name all over it.


And while the skinny jean can get you up and out, feeling a little over skinny: these pants here are definitely on the Spring Wish List.


One blog that has it going on and is a daily read: Preston Davis and Keep it Chic. Yesterday she was all about a navy bag, this one here is looking pretty chic, tried that on at colleague’s Trunk Show as well.


Every day dress, a scarf now.

all clothes and accessories (except for the jeans) | Worth New York

spring trunk shows happening now

no turnaround

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For client and colleague meetings, doing inventory and shipping out samples wore the same outfit two days in a row, kid you not, a week or two ago. White blouse, leather pant, flat shoes. Gave it a little personality with Chien cuff and fourth daughter’s old JCrew socks. Casual, yet still dressed, had to move a lot.

Love this shirt as there’s no (dry cleaning) turnaround, machine wash on cold, hang to dry, perhaps lightly steam. Added it to the wardrobe in black too, we all know how useful a great black shirt is.

Now that I’ve figured out we’re all about great clothes and good food, here’s some pics from last night’s dinner:


Back to work now, prepping for Spring 2015 Trunk Shows and searching for a new stylist in upstate New York, with good focus on Saratoga Springs. Beef Stew on deck for after hours tonight, cold, snowy, and winter storm advisory here in Buffalo.

Have a great Monday. Every day dress, no turnaround.

Optic White Sueded Triacetate Pocket Shirt | Worth New York Spring 2015


keep it interesting

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Winter weather, late January, and working from a home office often keep the same dull daily outfit in heavy rotation. Can’t help it, all I really want to do is hibernate for a while and eat leftover carrot cake, not even really venture out to the grocery.

Grocery we must, so to keep it interesting, into the lingerie closet we go.

Great lingerie is fun to pick up while traveling, doesn’t take much room to pack back and doesn’t slow you down while exploring city streets. When buying shoes and boots the best thing to do is charge/send. 🙂

With Valentine’s on the horizon and the upcoming and anticipated release of Fifty Shades, let’s all keep it interesting, same daily outfit or not.

Turquoise and Navy | Agent Provocateur | Boston MA

Grey | Simone Pérèle | Bandol France


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Sixty years and two days ago dear husband arrived in this world. Celebrated, of course, with family dinner at home.

No Rolex, or fancy cocktails for a hundred or so, simply flew two Boston MA girls home for his surprise.


Osso Bucco was a whole day affair, that with work and all. Thankful for good clothes, never had a chance to think about what to wear. Printed silk blouse (black lace bra underneath, something needs to be fancy), sleeves rolled up, ubiquitous blue jeans and flat black boots, good to go.



Went without the cliché of fresh flowers, this was a man’s party, and put three small pots of ivy down the table. (So much less than fresh flowers too, being January and broke and all). White tapers, this time no votives.

You’d think with a milestone like this for the man I love deeply I would have it together a bit more. Knew what I wanted and needed to do, took a deep breath, anxiety and all, and went forward. Had visual memories of three photos from recent travels, at 4 pm dropped them in a thumb drive, headed to Kinko’s FedEx and printed them out, and then to Target, I know I know, to grab a frame. Here it is ready for the red room, haha.


This is how it looked at 5 pm, and dinner was at 8: carrot cake baked, cream cheese frosting on the counter, haricot verts blanched, veal shanks wrapped and on a tray, onions out for the risotto. One great thing about doing things time and again is that you don’t really have to measure things like chopped vegetables: simply feel the amount needed for onion, celery, carrots, tomato, garlic. Spinach and artichoke dip to go with the champagne, and caesar salad for some more green.



Green continued with wine bottle-shaped sugar cookies, hand embellishment with his birth year as vintage. 🙂


There were eight of us plus one, second son’s girlfriend, always make room for more love at the table.


Happy 60th dear husband. 1955 was a very good year. xoxo


short quick statement(s)

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Entire weekend was spent in blue jeans and a cotton t-shirt, a sweater layered on and off. Stepped it up a bit for Friday night spontaneous dinner out (isn’t that the best kind?), and switched to black jeans and a black cotton turtleneck. Quick statement was a short faux leather jacket, second quick statement, jeweled up new bag worn cross-body. Usually only like to make one statement at a time, so cold decided to just go with two.

Most heartfelt statement, peace and love to Paris France.

faux leather jacket | Worth New York

bag | Prada


five cakes

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For third daughter’s sixteenth birthday celebration this past Saturday night, ordered five cakes from our local restaurant two days before the party. They don’t make one big cake, had to order enough for sixty or so guests so five cakes it was. Yeah, kind of last-minute, made it work. Didn’t want anything too overdone, or looking like a wedding, so naturally waited to the very sweet end. Thank you, Cynthia, you were spot on, they were a hit. A little anxiety about how to make five cakes feel special, it came in the middle of a long walk: five siblings, each will carry one and present, sparkle candle and all. Fun.


Balloons were a two-day before addition as well. At the walk-through on Thursday afternoon at 2:30 pm, asked the club manager for her source, deliver she did. Chris, from Balloon Masters, did it up brilliantly. Called him on the car phone on the way home, barely 48 hours in advance, signed, sealed, and delivered. Wanted to call in a real photographer, husband nixed that idea rather quickly, like the blog here we’re a bit of a do it yourself cottage industry.

Dress was bought the day before, no stress there, that’s one of the things we do here at every day dress, dress busy women in beautiful clothing. Last minute for that kind of thing is fine. Shoes were a gift from Santa Baby, she was delighted. Birthday crown purchased at a local little French shop in Sonoma CA, two years ago, she wore it at her fourteenth as well. New nail color, Chanel.


We were all there. A New Year’s Day birth is sometimes a little left behind. This year, not so much. Lizzie, happy sweet sixteen, we love you to the moon and back.


Every day dress, five cakes. Believe, keep moving, make good things happen.

birthday cake | Ristorante Lombardo

balloons | Balloon Masters

shoes | Valentino | at Neiman Marcus

nail color | Chanel | Paradisio

invitations | Fine Stationery

go with it | for it

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While it would be good to drink warm water with lemon all day and perhaps hop on the Gwyneth Paltrow goop cleanse
, (so not happening now), have decided to just go with it | for it.

A couple more days of celebrating with family and dear friends. Happy New Year everyone.

Simple style note: can’t seem to get out of the jeans mindset. For New Year’s Eve at home wore Citizens white boyfriend’s, black sparkly top (saucy! without the camisole underneath!), and new white shoes, Christmas gift from the dear husband.


Let’s all go with it | for it. Yesterday, first day of January, went to the gym first thing in the morning and walked the dogs for miles in the afternoon. Husband asked, resolutions? Nope, lifestyle baby, lifestyle.

Every day dress, go with it | for it.

white jeans | Citizens of Humanity

black bias fringe blouse | Worth New York

white sandals | Prada



dress it up

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photo 1photo 2photo 4

Thinking there are days when black leggings and a black tank could be all you really need or want. Thinking also that if I served chicken every night I might not have many dinner guests. 🙂

These photos taken on the iPhone, on Christmas Eve. Being a little overachieving kind of overdid it the month of December and wound up not feeling great the day we all landed in San Diego, December 20th. That bug is still hanging around and promptly went to the doc, today, the 29th, first day back on the east coast.

This is the every day and sometimes you’ve just gotta dress it up, good or bad. Photos don’t do the clothes credit but wearing the best darn black leggings around. Didn’t feel great but dressed it up anyways for dinner with that dress picked up at a market in France, black Wolford tights, flat black boots, and hair up high. Family thought I looked great, fake it till you make it.

Every day dress, dress it up.

Here’s to good health everyone, happy Monday.

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