a clear space


After a dozen or so years of working from a home office and dressing women in our dining room, we’re making moves on securing a clear space.

A space with a receptionist, and with a lease agreement, in a suite of offices with other professionals, on a main avenue in downtown Buffalo.

Scary, and perhaps risky? Of course. Have really never known any new thing not to be. The upside is good though– a designated work space to create in and grow.

Knowing this move is close on the horizon has made where we’re at now a little more sacred. It’s been great working from home all these years with young children and young dogs about, we’re just all going through some changes and change entails movement, and cleaning. Honestly we’ve been cleaning every crevice, the drawers and under beds and even hosing down gutters while standing on high ladders. Home maintenance is huge, and moving office space is huge too.

Simply looking for a little clear space, both at home and professionally, all good things.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday, peace.

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  1. Congratulations!

    • Thank you, not there yet, but soon. xo

  2. It’s going to be awesome…GOOD LUCK

    • So looking forward to you checking it out, and thank you.

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