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Slipped this little band on the pinkie finger while packing to catch up with the husband in Portland OR.

He went out last week to get to know the Willamette Valley and to taste the Pinot Noir. Need to restock the cellar, now four of our adult children and those in their lives enjoy our wine as well. Second daughter made the trip out with him, she’s developing her appreciation through reading and travel. She and I bookended this trip, she flew back and I flew in, two high school students keep us all centered back home.

Tomorrow Saturday husband and I will celebrate twenty-eight years of marriage, the little emerald and diamond jewel was a gift on our first anniversary. We were heavily pregnant and that band slipped easily on the ring finger.

Now it’s moved on, down the line, to the next finger on the hand. These hands have grown wider while holding children, baking bread, planting gardens.

Three decades brings challenges and things to work out. The love simply gets deeper, and more complex, like the lines on our skin. He likes to travel, so travel I do. Tell him I’ll follow him anywhere.


Let’s keep it moving, dear husband, happy anniversary to us. Love you.

Wishing everyone a good Friday and wonderful weekend. Photos shown from the iPhone while in Dayton OR.



Simple style note: good food and blue nails keep things fun.

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  1. Have a wonderful anniversary and congratulations! !!!

    • Thank you Caroline. We both have good men for sure. Xo

  2. also, LOVE the Williamette Valley … I got engaged not too far off the coast from there 🙂

  3. Congratulations! Have a wonderful anniversary celebration… Love your post!

  4. Happiest of anniversaries to you both, and many many more!❤️

  5. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy!

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