in boston ma with just a carryon

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Feeling very Angelina, I wish, with a Louis Vuitton speedy duffel packed with all black clothes for my two days of work on Newbury Street.

As it is too late to now make any more recruiting phone calls, here is a quick post with what I packed: two black dresses, one sleeveless, one three quarter, one pair of black jeans, one black leather tee, one scarf. All black undergarments. Two pairs of black shoes, both heels- one sandal, one wedge. Not shown but essential? Two pairs of running shorts, sports bras, athletic tops, and purple Nike sneakers. (had to get some color in there somewhere). On the plane of course I wore black skinnies, black tee, flat sandals. Why bring three additional pairs of shoes for a two day trip? When your feet feel good you feel good.

Here is my tip for the day when you are traveling for work and super busy and need to get out of town and still have a million things to do: pick one color and pack all in that one color. Less stress, easier exit. Black rules when working.

All clothing shown is Worth New York and photos were snapped on an iPhone.


vertigo and suspicious

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Sorry for the posting delay- today was a day of work work work and edit edit edit. Not too glamorous but necessary.

I look forward to sharing with you some closet editing tips once I master them in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime here is what will be on toes, nails, and lips as I travel to Boston MA to work a Fall 2012 Worth New York Trunk Show for a few days: Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour 563 Vertigo on toes, Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour 561 Suspicious on nails, and Chanel Rouge Coco Shine 67 Deauville on lips. When working with Fall clothes I always switch out the makeup look. Feel the need to dump the july/orange/coral look even though it is hotter than heck and wear the Fall tones. Thanks, mom.

Happy Monday.

another black dress

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Celebrated forty-seventh birthday by cooking dinner for seven at home. Menu included beef tenderloin, Copper River salmon, hericots verts, roasted garlic potatoes, spinach salad. Small perfect birthday cake, vanilla ice cream and great wine included.

At this age I have learned that if you want good things you have to go out and make them happen. Kind of like this black dress- we all have black dresses in our closet but this one lets you cook and feel like a party guest at the same time. So, given my somewhat hectic days I ordered it back in May for a July delivery. Totally worth the wait as it made me feel great and comfortable while cooking dinner and taking care of my guests. Flat sandals make it super easy. Side zipper goes goes all the way up to under the arm. Fun. Mom commented that it reminded her of the Halston Jumpsuits she used to wear.

Thoughts for the day? Cook dinner on your birthday at home and treat the important people in your life. It all comes back to you double. Wear a great dress. Make good things happen.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. Had a great day.

In photos I am wearing Worth New York’s Black Sleek to the Ankle Jersey Dress from Summer 2012. Has a bit of stretch and the side ruching helps define the waistline. If you like your lululemon gear, this would be a great addition to your wardrobe as it is so super easy to move in and can be dressed up or down.

in good company

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Arrived home after easy eight hour drive to tons of mail and the new copy of Town & Country magazine. The company I work for, Worth New York, placed a two page ad in the August issue and it follows Ralph Lauren Collection, Gucci, and Bottega Venata. In my mind that is pretty good company.

I discovered Worth New York fourteen years ago by the ads in both Town & Country and Veranda and have not looked back since. I love what I do, what I wear, and would love to tell you more.

After a week on the road I could have showed you some pics of the laundry mountain but I thought that might best be left to the imagination. 🙂

LOVE the ad- super excited for the Fall season.

cold shoulder

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One hour Cliff Walk sure beats the treadmill.

Checked in at 41° North. If you are into lounge music, super big boats, fully stocked bar, and attentive professional wait staff, this place is for you. Enjoyed a great dinner outside on the patio.

Worth New York’s Black Jersey Leather Strap Blouse is super comfortable and has me feeling ready to head home. Had a great stay, thank you Newport RI, and now anxious to get back to work.

collect: scarves

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Trainer suggests thirty minutes of cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach so started the day in the hotel gym on the elliptical. As husband fed me ice cream for lunch, are  you feeling any fifty shades of grey, together we went back to the gym after the beach and I got in a double session, greatly needed.

Scarves and wraps are a perfect thing to collect. Fold them up small to fit in your handbag. They instantly change your look, cover your shoulders, or keep you warm from ocean breezes or extreme air conditioning.

When wearing a sequin t shirt dress you really don’t need much else. Colored suede wedges dress it down and a Worth New York wrap from Spring/Summer 2011 adds a nautical look.

Hope everyone had a wonderful safe Independence Day with family, friends and loved ones.


statement jewelry

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Castle Hill Inn Newport RI was the setting for amazing three hour dinner. Oldest daughter remarked that the salted butter was so good she would eat it with a spoon. My kind of girl.

When traveling and really just about all the time, I wear a watch, diamond stud earrings, engagement and wedding band, and a ring on my right hand husband gave me when he turned fifty. That’s the kind of thing he does. To keep things easy and modern one additional statement piece is added- shown here again is the silver cuff from Albright-Knox Art Galley museum shop.

Photos feature Alice + Olivia dress from favorite Newport shop Kristina Richards Studio. The pic with two oldest daughters includes the Worth New York Timber Spectrum Shift Oblong from Spring 2012.

Happy almost 4th of July.

sailing in narragansett bay

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Watched some pretty cool yacht racing yesterday and now following Spindrift Racing on Twitter. Boats are sonic fast and the entire crew pretty amazing athletes- did spot a ponytail or two. You can check them out with the live tracker on KRYS Ocean Race

We had breakfast in the Newport Shipyard and our youngest french speaking daughter translated telling us they were all getting ready for the upcoming transatlantic New York to France race. Took some photos while they were prepping the boats.

When sailing if you want to look like you have an idea of what’s going on, I suggest wearing navy and white. The clothing shots feature white DL1961 Angel jeans, Hermes belt, and Worth New York’s White and Navy Sail On Stripe Sweater. Oldest daughter is wearing new Oliver Peoples sunglasses, Worth New York’s Irish Jersey V Neck Pullover, Navy Ultimate Sweater Coat, and 7 for all Mankind Jeans purchased from Kristina Richards Studio in Newport RI.

Sail on.


why and how I blog

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Working from home in the world of fashion with fabulous and interesting women is the absolute best. Looking for women that would like to add another dimension to their probably already busy and full lives is an active pursuit. Showing four collections seasonally of beautiful clothes and helping women dress and build wardrobes is engaging and rewarding.

Husband and I both work hard and spend tons of time with our six children. As they spread out geographically and the pace of life just seems to get faster and faster I wanted to capture time spent with them and what I do.

Life is a wonderful thing. I jumped into this blogosphere to share my work and lifestyle and how great these clothes are from the company I represent, Worth New York. I take my laptop, camera, iPhone and iPad with me to wherever I may be. I can work and blog from anywhere. It’s great. My two youngest daughters take many of the photos and when I can get him husband edits text. Nineteen year old daughter has helped me set the theme and to get the rotators going. Many, many thanks. On my own I learned to install the wordpress plugin on my iPad so now I can post from that too.

These photos are a random sampling of arriving in Newport RI, posting yesterday afternoon in the hotel room, and me, husband, and four fashion loving daughters dressed for dinner.

In the posting shots I am wearing the Cream Denim Lucy Pant, Black and White Stripes on Jersey Tank, both from Spring/Summer 2012, and striped silk scarf from many seasons back. Dinner shots feature Apple Martini Sequin Blouse and white DL1960 jeans.

the t-rescue

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Last twenty-four hours at the Otesaga Hotel & Cooper Inn in Cooperstown NY pure delight. Baseball Hall of Fame, great.

Highlight of the trip was swimming along side and pushing overturned canoe to the resort dock performing a t-rescue. Husband and third daughter thought it was fun to paddle too close causing Us to capsize. After the initial shock it was “kind of” funny.

Google search says the two most imprtant things to do when your canoe overturns are to save the paddles and stay with the boat. As thirteen year old daughter was wearing her life preserver and was fine but very mad, I went for the Manolo Blahnik crocodle sandals and the new Joie striped silk blouse. JCrew shorts from a few seasons back were up for sacrifice.

Back at the room after a hot shower husband tells me, ‘you know, crocodiles LIVE in water, sandals will be fine.

In photos here I am wearing said black Manolo Blahnik crocodile sandals, Roberto Cavalli coverup, and silver cuff from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery museum shop.

Next stop, Newport RI. Happy Sunday.

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