worth new york runway

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[easyrotator]erc_49_1340412891[/easyrotator]Yesterday Diane Manley and her incredibly talented team presented Worth New York Fall 2012 at the Waldorf-Astoria in NYC. Professional photographers were on site; here are my amateur offerings from the third row.

The clothes were modern, elegant, and sophisticated. Color, fabric, texture, cut, and shape all came together to enhance the beauty of women. While these models are paid to look beautiful, each being about 5’10” and size 0 or 2, the clothes they were wearing on the runway made me want to know more about them. Height and weight aside what they wore invoked images in my mind of possibility- life, family, work memories being made while wearing clothing that was easy to put on and luxurious. Bravo design team and company.


back to black

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Back again on JetBlue flight #1, 5:40 am to JFK. This time I hit default with respect with what to wear while traveling. Michael Kors knows a good thing.  Black summer weight cotton stretch skinny jeans, black tee with mesh circle cutouts, black cork wedge shoe and soft suede jacket make it quick and easy for me to get out the door and through the security checkpoint. Miscellaneous jewelry is kept in the carryon.

Here I am in midtown for national meeting and preview of Fall 2012. One of the trends for fall after seasons of color is a return to black. The company I recruit for has named one of its’ color groups just that- ‘back to black’. As for me I couldn’t be happier. Even though I work at incorporating color into my wardrobe I always feel the most at ease when dressed head to toe in black.  When your day is super crazy busy it sure helps to have a uniform.

As the next few days unfold I will report back with updated posts. Finally my last two posts are looking better. Sorry for the delay. Tech smart college student admin took off for a few days to see Drake in concert. Lucky girl.

Stay cool. Record heat expected here in NYC for the next few days.

wine spectator

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Father’s Day, June 2012. Husband requests full menu minus Fried Oysters with Remoulade from this month’s issue of Wine Spectator. Of course I oblige. Note to self: do not repeat Pork Ribs recipe or make darn sure I don’t burn them all again. 23 and 22 year old son’s both say Tejas Coffee recipe is a keeper. Recipe below. I was so busy all day only had time to put hair up and finish with a swipe of lipstick, Chanel ‘Sari Dore’. Makes you feel dressed even when your hair is still wet form walking the dogs and a very quick swim. Worth New York blouse, unironed, in navy voile with mini stars made me feel festive even after cooking all weekend for 14+. Happy Father’s Day. Back to work tomorrow in the city- looking for a woman of influence in Upstate New York that would love a career in fashion. Rochester, Syracuse, Saratoga, and Albany are ready to launch. Email me for more information. Finished dinner with target practice for soda cans off of the split rail fence…

Tejas Coffee, from Wine Spectator, July 31, 2012

1 ¼ ounces Republic Reposado Tequila

1 ounce patron XO coffee liqueur

1 ounce cream

1 ½ ounces espresso

¾ ounce simple syrup

2 dashes Fee Bros. Aztec Chocolate Bitters


Place all ingredients in the mixing glass of a shaker.

Add ice to the mixing glass.

Place mixing tin over mixing glass and shake vigorously.

Add fresh ice to a 12- to 14- ounce serving glass.

Strain drink over ice.

(Note: Recipe makes one drink.)

Or, you could do what I did and multiply the recipe times four, pour in a glass pitcher over ice, repeat, and store in the fridge until ready to serve. Your crowd will love you.

As husband is golfing tomorrow dinner will consist of leftover Summer Tomato Salad and Blue Cheese Coleslaw. Delicious, healthy, and easy.

have a backup

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The lighting is great, location divine, food and wine have been delivered, and everyone is dressed and in a good mood. It’s time to break out the camera to take a few shots for the new fashion and lifestyle blog.  We’re ready to smile and wouldn’t you know? The battery pack needs a charge.

No problem, iPhone camera to the rescue. Not quite like the digital camera I am learning to use but it will get you through. These photos were taken last night with the iPhone at the Buffalo Yacht Club.

What’s the fashion lifestyle correlation? When getting dressed for the evening I discovered my Hermes scarf ring was nowhere to be found. Immediately text daughter two and ask her if she took it with her on her road trip to Boston for a concert. She texts back ‘maybe’ which really means ‘yes’. Her next message begins ‘duh, mom, just use a ring’.

Okay, backup one for lifestyle? Keep your battery charged and carry your cell phone. Backup two for fashion? Listen to your daughter when she has an easy solution for missing wardrobe items. Just use a ring when you want to wear a scarf as a halter.

Worth New York 54” scarf & Worth New York White Linen Pants

how to shop sample sales

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So you are headed out the door to a great sample sale. How to navigate to prevent regret?

Buy if you can walk out the door wearing your desired purchase that minute. If it looks and feels great and needs no or minimal alterations it is an absolute yes. Adjustment of pants length is okay, resizing the piece in any way is not.

Pass if you think you are going to lose 5 or 10 or 2 or 20 lbs to get into it. Trust me on this one. It is just not worth the stress of thinking about losing the weight.

Pass if you feel any sense of hesitation at all. No matter what you think you are saving it really comes down to how much you spend. Spending on clothes to wear today or tomorrow at sale prices is great, spending on clothes that will just sit and take up space in your mind and closet, is not.

Here’s to your success with sample sale shopping.

Essie ‘Orange It’s Obvious’ Nail Color.

the perks

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Okay, I have to admit, sometimes when working from home I can get so lonely I dial in for training calls to hear other voices other than my own. Today was not one of those days. When I meet certain sales criteria I get to host a sample sale and sell unbelievably beautiful clothing at half off. It was a great day and I made many women happy.

The plans for the evening were to go hear Ellen Goodman speak on behalf of the Western New York Women’s Foundation. Took daughters two, three, and four with me under duress.

As a perk I got to shop my ‘sale rack’ because I had all of these great clothes in my dining room and picked this gorgeous rosewater silk cold shoulder dress for a very cool 50% off. Manolo Blahnik cork shoes and Chanel handbag purchased in NYC in 2010 complete my look. Sample sale continues through this Monday early afternoon. Email me for more bargains and happy shopping.

not yet live from new york

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Yes, there are applications out there that allow you to stream live content to your WordPress site and keep your blog visitors totally updated. Have I figured that out yet? No. So, here is the report from my day in the big city yesterday: I wore a super long navy silk shirtwaist dress with the sleeves rolled up and the front unbuttoned so you could see just a hint of my beautiful La Perla bra (gift from my husband, he has great taste). My favorite thin metallic belt and high platform wedges finished the look. In my bag I had a pair of flat sandals stowed away and a lightweight cashmere wrap. This was a day trip for professional purposes so the outfit had to do double duty- it had to travel well and look good. My trip has been met with half success so far. I have not yet heard back from the two women I presented to after two emails and a phone call. I did however get a compliment on the street, ‘I love how you are wearing that dress’ which is a pretty major thing in what Wikipedia calls the 6th top fashion capital of the world, New York, USA. One tip from the day’s adventures would be to carry something cashmere. While the city streets can be hot the airport can be downright freezing.

Pictured within at the Worth New York design showroom is my blog admin, Sarah. She is working with me this summer on making this blog a better site so I took her with me for the day so she could see me in action. She wore my Pale Banana cashmere sweater over a white silk blouse and my JCrew skinny jeans. You see her in the photos in a new short dress from Bergdorf’s because she didn’t quite like her outfit for the day. My second tip from the day of travel would be to invest in yourself and your admin’s wardrobe beforehand so that it doesn’t cost you $200 on the spot to get the day’s clothes right. Business expense, not.


it’s a Sunday

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Today being Sunday means tomorrow is Monday. Spent the day with family by the pool and studying four color groups for Fall 2012. Tomorrow morning I leave at 5:40 am to get on a plane headed to NYC to present the Fall Collection to two women from Rochester, NY. Stay tuned for some photos from the big city. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

get me to the country

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Six o’clock on Friday night hits and you need to get out of the city fast. What to pack? Two kids, two dogs, iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Canon camera, two bikinis, two pairs of sunnies, cashmere wrap because it gets cold at night, and makeup. What to wear? V-neck sweater, jeans handed down by oldest daughter, and funky Miu Miu sandals. Okay, so this is a fashion blog and I am wearing the same sweater as in another post? You betcha. I love this thing- super soft, kind of sexy, kind of see through, and kind of covered. Plus, it reminds me and feels like the sweaters I buy to give to my husband for every holiday, birthday, or anniversary. Luxurious Lora Piana sweaters that cost an ‘arm and a leg’ like my mom would say. I wear this thing all the time. It can go to dinner and I can pull weeds in it.

Why pack two bikinis and not leave them at the place we swim at? I guess because they don’t take up much room and because I still wear a bikini after six kids. As for the necklace in the photos? The stone pendant was a gift my husband brought back after a fishing trip in Montana and the chain we bought together at a little jewelry store in Sonoma at the Square. I love it.

chick yellow

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Last day of school and we celebrate by youngest daughter bringing home five baby chicks from science class. This is a good thing as Mr. Fox played hunger games and snacked on nine of our hens from country house property. Informed night owl and DJ second son that if there is a rooster in the bunch, he will be on the receiving end for the morning wake-up call pet. He promptly replied that a “cockle doodle do” would be a great reminder that it’s time for him to hit the sack. Motto of my story? Always wear your good new clothes. Every day. Why not? My Look Book says the color of my sweater is “Pale Banana.” I’m thinking it just might be “Chick Yellow.”

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