Cuff bracelets in today’s and last post were purchased while traveling and are all about seeking balance.

Here goes: favorite silver cuff was purchased at Albright-Knox Art Gallery gift shop and love wearing it as one statement piece. Always kind of wish I had two of them. Kind of really like the idea of symmetry. While traveling in AZ for work and pleasure spotted this great silver jewelry in an art gallery in Sedona. Immediately went for the widest cuff I could. Asked the gallery clerk if she had another, think she thought that a little strange, not sure, and bought both. Told her I generally dressed in easy simple clothes and that I liked to accessorize usually with a single statement piece, in this case I wanted two, an equality, a balance.

Youngest daughter, almost thirteen, think they look a bit like handcuffs. Oldest daughter, twenty-three, thinks they are great in tandem and twenty year old daughter borrows one at a time. Fourteen year old, seemingly not at all interested. All in balance.

About the Friday work outfit? Once we hit mid-August can’t really do the summer look anymore. Pulled on this season’s Harley pants, loving the rocker chic mood, last year’s printed silk blouse, and shoe boots purchased last fall in some tiny town in Tuscany. Liquid silver cuffs, a pair, finished off the look. Felt right, could move through a full day of work, a drive out to the country, and through Friday night dinner with the family. Thinking we’re all a little about balance and when your clothes can move with you through your entire day, it’s a very good thing.

Every day dress.

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