time for a change


As Summer 2013 starts to slowly slide away, it’s feeling like it’s time for a change. Happens every year, summer clothes no longer seem fresh. Looking for something new and working on that, Fall 2013 Trunk Show happening all this week.

In the meantime, there’s always essentials: fresh-cut flowers, white denim jeans, black basic t-shirt, sneakers and dark nail color. Can always count on those to get through the day with a little style. Leather and wool, not quite happening yet but can’t wait. New York Times reported today that leather jackets were seen on the street, yippee, had mine on last week Thursday.

So if you too are feeling like it might be time for a change, enjoy all these summer days and nights, they slip away quickly, default to your closet essentials, have a look around the Fall 2013 fashion landscape, and, every day dress.


Black Tee | Club Monaco

White Jeans | JCrew

Sneakers | Chanel



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  1. Always love this time of year, ready for a change…fall clothes, boots, darker colors but really hate to rush it. Need to remind myself there is plenty of seasons for that 🙂

    • Couldn’t agree more. It’s a good thing to slow down and enjoy what’s going on around us. Thank you for reading and your reply. Enjoy the rest of your summer, it goes much too quickly, right?

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