every day monday




Today being Monday and after being out-of-pocket since last Tuesday did the usual: white shirt, blue jeans, hair back. It was a work day, and we were busy. Even the food was the usual, a big bowl of lettuce, some chicken you don’t see, a hunk of cheese with a glass of wine, and a nice apple crisp to finish things off.






For the runaround brought back the rock studs and the Celine luggage tote, it’s fun to take things out and put them back in rotation. Building a wardrobe takes time and expense, why not wear the good old stuff on an every day Monday. Big news: signed the lease on the new office space today. In lieu of a jacket simply buttoned up the blouse and turned up the collar of the white wash and dry easy shirt.


Every day dress, every day Monday. Wishing everyone a great week ahead.


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  1. Rebecca love this look, tell me about the jeans and the shirt! Love your blog, thank you!

    • Hello Ann. Jeans, Citizens of Humanity Emerson, Blouse Worth New York. Both machine wash and dry when you’ve just got to get up and go! Thanks for reading, and thanks for commenting. I’ll hyperlink the jeans and blouse on the post proper. R

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