get there fast

Sometimes you just have to get there fast. Second daughter, fourth child, studying abroad, and hospitalized for the second time in five weeks. You really have to just get there, and thank god for the resources to do it. Husband booked the flights and researched the train routes, had 2o minutes to pack, and in really no time at all was by her side in Seville, Spain.

Threw a bunch of stuff in the carry on, stuck with a cool color palette. Every day dress was put to the test: flew in the clothes that were worn that day, Friday, after the phone call that she was in the hospital again, early that morning. Wore them pretty much all day Saturday, and when she was out of the danger zone showered and put on a variation of the same. Dark, clean, modern, kind of what I’ve seen on the streets here since she was released late this afternoon. Had to find the one Pharmacia that was open on a Sunday, love that.

Viamed Santa Ángela De La Cruz  took great care of her, thank you. When your kid is sick, nothing much matters than to get there fast.

Wishing everyone peace, wellness, and warm Thanksgiving wishes.

Every day dress.


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  1. Oh, my Rebecca ~ I am so sorry to hear that she is not well again (still?).
    Saying prayers for you, #two daughter, and your whole gang. xo

    • Thank you, it’s a good day today.

  2. So glad she’s better~ that’s a real Thanksgiving!

  3. Omg!!! Hope she is doing better!!!
    Much love

    • Thank you, Jane. She is better. Nothing like a good little mother daughter time when you’re not feeling well.

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