hanging in


Single digit temperatures continue. Working from home, couldn’t be any sweeter, and hanging in by sticking with every day dress practices: have some protein at breakfast, make the bed, put on some makeup, walk the dogs, (they don’t even really want to go out but need it in a big way), make some dinner, enjoy a glass of wine, spend time with those you love.

Sunday night dinner was simple. Baked wild cod, roasted asparagus, wild rice cooked in organic vegetable broth. Tossed the tri-color tomatoes on top for flavor and color. The rice was healthy, hearty, nutritious, delicious. Fresh bread and kale caesar salad, home-made croutons, long walk with the dogs in the cold, and I’ll call that a very good day.

Picked up this extra-wide spatula at Williams-Sonoma with intent of making oversized heart sugar cookies. Haven’t gotten to those yet but it sure works well for lifting the entire fish fillet off the baking sheet. They call it a cookie and pancake spatula, I think it’s pretty darn great when serving fish. For $9.95 it’s a great kitchen tool.


Large Cookie and Pancake Spatula | Williams-Sonoma

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