keep those things



Picked these one size up black jeans a few years ago in some international airport before a long haul flight back home. Needed to change into something fresh and comfortable quick, and they fit the bill. Wore them again yesterday, needed something that fit, lol.

Always tell my girls and clients that a five or ten pound swing happens, so be it. Sometimes up, sometimes down. Oldest daughter put on fifteen when she was living in Spain and eating tapas, she’s now down. We here have gone up, when you are traveling all over and eating and drinking with reckless abandon, stuff happens.


Good thing we kept those jeans. And the sleeveless belted jacket? Bought that several seasons ago as well. Reading Donna Karan’s My Journey and like she says women rarely gain weight in their shoulders so show the shoulders I did. They might be a little rounder, that’s okay.

A column of black, while not original, gets you out the door.

Every day dress, keep those things. 🙂

Have a great Thursday everyone.

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  1. Great blog!!!! Agree agree agree shopping in your closet is always go except when Rebecca and Michelle have a trunk show going on!!!

    • Thanks a bunch, we’ll be back again November 3rd through November 13th for your continued shopping and wardrobing pleasure. 🙂

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