keeping up, barely

Hmmm, second day of spring 18 and we’re keeping up, barely. Yeah, we’ve worked, and worked out, and cooked, but honestly once we’re through with what we need to get done for the day we’re in our least, or maybe most, haha, favorite position, on the couch. I secretly vow to myself every morning that this day will be different, with no after dinner couch loafing, and I’ve yet to break the cycle, even with much determined determination.

We’ve been dealt a long, never giving up winter, and this elective foot surgery thing has taken more out of us than we bargained for. It’s crazy how much you depend on your home base, the two feet and more that ground you.

So, we’ve kind of checked out for a while, and when we’re checked in it’s in super simple clothing, and most often sneakers. Our most favorite thing is making sure those we love are fed, and yesterday did a little steamed cabbage and salmon fillet, just before we headed out for the night, in simple clothing, and sneakers, hours before we came back and hit the couch, again.

Come on spring, we’re waiting on you.

Every day dress, keeping up, barely. xoxo

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