less is enough


When traveling, everyone involved is happier when less is enough, as in luggage. With fewer choices, getting dressed fast is easier and you don’t need to keep anyone waiting. When less is enough, you can handle your luggage pretty much all by yourself, which is always a good thing.

Youngest daughter traveled to FL earlier this year with another family and we kept her packing tight. They were impressed and pleased, you don’t want to be that guest with the enormous amount of luggage. Learned that condensed packing system while growing up sailing being allowed one duffel only for a week-long regatta. It’s a useful skill.

For this trip packed two handbags: one satchel and one small clutch. Both neutral so they could go anywhere, anytime. One pair of high  sandals that will go straight to favorite shoe repair man upon landing for new heels they have been worn so often.

White jeans, one pair, wardrobe staple and can be washed when needed.

Less is enough with the animal print trend as well. Have had this gorgeous Roberto Cavalli silk blouse for four years now: always like to keep the rest of the outfit a little clean and understated.

With one strong focal point, less is enough. When traveling with other’s, it helps to keep peace when you keep the luggage and accessories minimal. Makes things easier for everyone.

Every day dress in Naples FL for two more days, then back to upstate New York for team building and fashion fun. Thanks for reading everyone, over 33,453 site views.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

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