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For day-tripping around historic and sacred St Andrews, left the blue jeans back at the hotel and instead paired lace and fringe. Wore the same black cashmere v-neck, the light yet warm jacket, and a nice neat black bag. Carried a wool wrap and cashmere hat in the bag, and had an umbrella in the car. Outfit felt right, and those darn boots have logged 8.9 miles or 15,000 steps daily. When we get home they are going straight to the cobbler for some tender loving care.

Not quite right is using a cell in a cemetery, these are modern days and I guess that cell should have been left in the car as well.


As for the lace cutout pants, normally you would think of those with a heel and for dress, it’s fun to pair them with something unexpected like last season’s beloved Valentino fringed boots. Hand hemmed these myself and cut about two inches off the bottom, with a nice shoe they show just a little ankle, and with the low heeled boots like showing a little rolled Wolford sock. Also, always love to wear navy and black together, mixing dark neutrals can add some depth to your outfit. Even the husband got into the navy and black, wearing a navy v-neck, black pants, and lighter blue jacket.


As for posting, it’s been slow yet I love to share and keep an online photo diary. We’ve been moving fast and hope that you and yours are all enjoying your version of modern days too. xoxo

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