scarf as halter



During these dog days of summer one of my favorite ways to wear a scarf is as a halter. Very easy to do. You can be fancy with an Hermes scarf ring or just use any ring you happen to have around or are currently wearing. Here are step by step instructions using a 35″ square scarf:

Fold scarf in half to form a triangle. Take your ring and slide down top point of the triangle you formed. Separate the top into two ties. Tie around your neck and fasten with a square knot. Take other two points and tie around your waistline with a square knot in back. Adjust the neckline and square knot in back so you are most comfortable. Keep in mind the larger the scarf the longer the hem of your intended halter. If wearing high-waisted pants feel free to tuck the bottom of the scarf into the waistband of your pants for a more fitted look and if desired add a thin belt.

Must be the heat. Had a very tough time uploading these photos tonight. Had many more but iPhoto and MacBook were just not cooperating. Hope you get the gist of it.

Stay cool.

Both scarves, Worth New York Spring Summer 2012. Jeans, Lily Pulitzer, very old.


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