skip the sauce




At the end of the day, when you’ve put forth a pretty good effort, thinking it’s okay to sometimes skip the sauce. 🙂

Maybe not the nightly glass of wine (or two), but definitely sometimes the grill (when it’s still pretty chill outside), and the homemade BBQ sauce, we used store-bought bottled and threw those breasts in the oven on this weeknight. Baked sweet potato super easy add-on.

Must confess, after a day in the field black tank, denim, no make-up, hair back and time in the kitchen does the trick.

Anything and everything green, bonus points.

Almost Friday!

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  1. I am living 3months in Norway and your tips are being precious to prepare health meals. Love your blog and this inspiration is making me thinking in create a Brazilian version of your blog… Having ordinary days abroad made me understand better your words xoxo

    • Miriam, definitely encourage you to start your own blog! It can be a very special place to record what you do and to hopefully inspire others! xoxo

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