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Couple of things:

  • love that in my professional life I get to wear things like denim, and a suede shirt, and suede sandals, thank you Worth New York.
  • thinking that while we love deeply things that are dark, like coffee, and mostly black clothes, red wine, and chocolate, that it’s a good idea to always add color, something maybe like this poppy suede shirt. 🙂


Met with a client last week in suite 101, that’s what partner and I decided today to call our work space proper moving forward, and was hoping she would add some color to her wardrobe. She lit up when she put on a jacket in canary yellow, we settled of course on navy, for the time being. 🙂

Every day dress, let’s all add a little color. xoxo


And, to confuse it again, loving this white and green in the garden, oh, joy.

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