When you love what you do, business travel can be pretty much all sweetness. Yesterday’s in and out trip to NYC, great fun. Today’s sort of planned but not definite until the last-minute road trip to Albany, NY? Very sweet with Reese’s peanut butter cups.

Decorated cookies? Gifted today to colleague Mary Collins by friend and client Kathi Sullivan. Amazing what women can do for one another.

Outfit on hotel room bed? What was planned for today but will be for tomorrow as pink jeans and white silk blouse are not great travel companions when driving on the 90 while eating chocolate peanut butter hearts.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Hope each and every one of you enjoyed a bit of sweetness. Miss you, husband, have a great time golfing. xoxo

Jeans | the Stilt Adriano Goldschmied purchased recently at Tony Walker & Company

Blouse | Worth New York

Lingerie | La Perla

Chocolate Hearts | Reese’s

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  1. Thanks for posting the pictures of the “worth” cookies I made for Mary. They are so much fun to decorate and Mary is so appreciative of efforts to add a little bling to our lives!!! Women helping women – love it! Love your blog too!

    • Hi Kathi, my friend in Albany NY loves the photo of your cookies. I will pass along your contact info to her. Thanks for everything you do. TGIF!

  2. Hey Rebecca! My girlfriend just told me that my name is listed as Kathi Smith instead of Kathi Sullivan under the cookeis I made for Mary. I hadn’t even noticed it!!!

    • Oh, no! I am so sorry, I will edit for sure- thank you for bringing my error to my attention, could so use a proofreader at times.
      Kathi, so happy you are coming to the blog party, you have been a great support, thank you sincerely. xo

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