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Weekend was a whirlwind- great content but not great photos so posts will be forthcoming. Peller Estates Winery and Niagara-on-the-Lake Golf Club to name a few highlights. Double challenge to blog posting was being in Canada; iPhone and iPad were off the grid so need to check that out and upgrade service plans.

With respect to other tech news here is a shout out to Boston College student and blogger, Tebs Maquebela at for connecting my admin Booie to his tech guy, Lucas Bancroft-Baer. Thank you for helping her install a plugin to block the ever increasing spam comments. Thank you too to everyone out there, every day dress has had 3,200 visits since April.

So here is a little self-promotion part. I work from home and work flexible hours. Four times a year there is considerable ramp up time that coincides with four fashion seasons, Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. In addition to helping women build incredible wardrobes season to season I also recruit, train, and mentor women interested in fashion and in being successful in their own business while being backed by a multi-million dollar luxury New York fashion company. If you are fun and fabulous, looking to be fun and fabulous, or know someone that is fun and fabulous and would like to learn more about the work I do, visit For an immediate reply to your enquiry, email me directly at Our Fall season promises to be better than ever and I would love to add a few great women to our team.

ps. Bad news from last Friday became better, thank god. Not out of the woods but hope has been restored.

Wearing Worth New York blouse and Stella & Dot necklace.


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  1. how do you do all this!

    • Hey Michele, all I can say is one day at a time…let’s talk this week. Hope all is well with your world.

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