the t-rescue

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Last twenty-four hours at the Otesaga Hotel & Cooper Inn in Cooperstown NY pure delight. Baseball Hall of Fame, great.

Highlight of the trip was swimming along side and pushing overturned canoe to the resort dock performing a t-rescue. Husband and third daughter thought it was fun to paddle too close causing Us to capsize. After the initial shock it was “kind of” funny.

Google search says the two most imprtant things to do when your canoe overturns are to save the paddles and stay with the boat. As thirteen year old daughter was wearing her life preserver and was fine but very mad, I went for the Manolo Blahnik crocodle sandals and the new Joie striped silk blouse. JCrew shorts from a few seasons back were up for sacrifice.

Back at the room after a hot shower husband tells me, ‘you know, crocodiles LIVE in water, sandals will be fine.

In photos here I am wearing said black Manolo Blahnik crocodile sandals, Roberto Cavalli coverup, and silver cuff from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery museum shop.

Next stop, Newport RI. Happy Sunday.

mary with mitt romney

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Friend and colleague Mary Collins at dinner with Mitt and Ann Romney last night in Buffalo NY . Sharing with you a photo she sent to me from her iPhone. From black tie to blue jeans she always looks great and knows what to wear. Here she rocks it in a totally appropriate Worth New York red and navy sheath dress. Thanks, Mary, can’t wait to hear the details…


red white and black

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The Louis Vuitton Alma MM handbag in pomme d’amour will instantly lift the look of any outfit. This bag will easily hold all of your essentials and a camera and iPad while still looking chic. I have had this bag for two and a half years and rotate it in and out of my wardrobe regularly.

The white pants? The same ones you have seen in previous posts- these are linen and have a bit of stretch to help hold the shape. I machine wash these on cold, hang to dry, and steam and starch iron them myself. Saves on the turnaround time and cost of the dry cleaners. Plus, white pants are a summertime staple and need to always be ready for you. I like to update white pants every year, they are one of those things that really need to have a fresh look.

The blouse in these photos has a bit of a french nautical look. The stripes are actually done in black and white, not navy. I love mixing black and navy and consider them both compatible neutrals. For those of you that wear navy with navy and black with black, try mixing the two together. Check out my daughter’s black bandeau with the navy and white striped tee over it- I think she looks pretty darn cute.

I am wearing Worth New York White Stretch Linen Gladys Pant with 66% Linen 32% Viscose 2% Lycra in the fabric content, genius, a Worth New York  blouse from several seasons back, Persol sunglasses, Prada shoes and carrying the bag described above.

Have a great Saturday.

rue franklin table for two

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Thursday night, worked all day. Last week husband was selected as one of the 100  best trial lawyers in the state of New York and we finally got to celebrate. I wore a dress with feathers that I had ordered back in March to wear to a family wedding in Greensboro, SC. Please note that I mostly had to inhale all night. I had to order a size down as the size I normally wear was completely sold out.

Wearing feathers on a Thursday night? Of course and why not. What are we all waiting for? My advice when wearing a dress that has a lot going on, i.e. horizontal stripes and a two tone feather fringe- keep hair and accessories dead simple and pared down to the absolute minimum. Wear a strong shoe that has a bit of an edge. Have fun.

I was wearing Worth New York’s Navy and White Bird of Paradise Stripe Dress and carrying the Simone Bag. Jimmy Choo shoes in faux black croc helped to ground the look.

small preview of winter 2012

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While you are thinking of fun things to do for the upcoming national holiday, here are a few shots for you to ponder that I snapped while in NYC last week. These looks will be available mid-September.

Enjoy these wonderful days of summer and know that there are many good things to come your way this Fall. Happy almost July.

ps. wish I had the full length view for you, next time I will know to get a better spot for the runway show. 🙂



olympic gold

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The design team medaled again. This blouse is fabulous. I am not kidding when I tell you this. I was in the garden after dinner doing some therapeutic weeding in my cream denim lucy pant, the ones you see here, and I thought to myself, the lighting is fantastic, I need to share how great that gold blouse is now. Hurried upstairs, stripped the tank, sweater, and flats, pulled on the gold charmeuse blouse and grabbed my Jimmy Choo shoes and clutch and pleaded with my admin Booie to take a few shots before she headed out for the night. The result? A few photos in my backyard of this exquisite piece: the company I sell and recruit for designs couture quality collections seasonally and this is from Summer 2012. I have dressed women in size 12 and women in size 2 in this blouse with equally excellent results. Don’t you love the opening in the back? Just enough sexiness. My nineteen year old has tried to snag this one for her night’s out downtown. I would even send my mom out in this at the age of seventy-three. Can’t say enough about it. Also has hidden lingerie straps. I love it and can’t wait to wear it again and again. It is super easy and luxurious.

chanel lips and nails

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Chanel lip and nail colour has been my go-to since the age of nineteen. With coming up on almost two and a half decades, omg, of daily wear, here are my top picks for the month of July and all festivities revolving around the 4th: Le Vernis Nail Colour 617 Holiday, limited edition, Rouge Coco 76 Sari Dorè – great pop of color that looks good on all skin tones, Rouge Coco Shine 72 Effrontée – for your downtime when you still want a finish, Le Crayon Lévres Precision Lip Definer 38 Pêche – this liner works with both lip colours, and Lévres Scintillantes Glossimer 337 to finish it all off. I am wearing these now because once August hits I usually head back over to the dark side. One of the most modern ways to wear colour on your nails? Keep them short.


more from new york

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As it took me 13 hours to get from JFK to Buffalo on Friday and I didn’t arrive home until 3 am on Saturday, I have been a bit behind the eight ball with reporting back from my trip. Also hosted two dozen seventh graders yesterday for hotdogs, hamburgers, pool and pond swimming, kickball, and a pinata. Oh, boy, I miss my work. So, for a bit of calm here are some more photos from the Worth New York Fall 2012 runway show. Enjoy.

worth new york runway

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[easyrotator]erc_49_1340412891[/easyrotator]Yesterday Diane Manley and her incredibly talented team presented Worth New York Fall 2012 at the Waldorf-Astoria in NYC. Professional photographers were on site; here are my amateur offerings from the third row.

The clothes were modern, elegant, and sophisticated. Color, fabric, texture, cut, and shape all came together to enhance the beauty of women. While these models are paid to look beautiful, each being about 5’10” and size 0 or 2, the clothes they were wearing on the runway made me want to know more about them. Height and weight aside what they wore invoked images in my mind of possibility- life, family, work memories being made while wearing clothing that was easy to put on and luxurious. Bravo design team and company.


back to black

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Back again on JetBlue flight #1, 5:40 am to JFK. This time I hit default with respect with what to wear while traveling. Michael Kors knows a good thing.  Black summer weight cotton stretch skinny jeans, black tee with mesh circle cutouts, black cork wedge shoe and soft suede jacket make it quick and easy for me to get out the door and through the security checkpoint. Miscellaneous jewelry is kept in the carryon.

Here I am in midtown for national meeting and preview of Fall 2012. One of the trends for fall after seasons of color is a return to black. The company I recruit for has named one of its’ color groups just that- ‘back to black’. As for me I couldn’t be happier. Even though I work at incorporating color into my wardrobe I always feel the most at ease when dressed head to toe in black.  When your day is super crazy busy it sure helps to have a uniform.

As the next few days unfold I will report back with updated posts. Finally my last two posts are looking better. Sorry for the delay. Tech smart college student admin took off for a few days to see Drake in concert. Lucky girl.

Stay cool. Record heat expected here in NYC for the next few days.

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