say yes

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[easyrotator]erc_58_1342237772[/easyrotator] Sometimes against logical reason you just need to say yes. This purple snakeskin clutch purchased over one year ago at an unbelievable sale price even when I was feeling flat broke and not needing anything? Yes. It has become … Read More

boston is moore

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[easyrotator]erc_4_1342148485[/easyrotator] Two days in Boston MA in mid-July. Stopped in at Neiman Marcus, Barney’s and Dior and felt a bit lonely. Don’t get me wrong, everything was gorgeous and beautiful but I was missing a connection. In days full of … Read More

worked overtime

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[easyrotator]erc_36_1342059601[/easyrotator] This dress has it going on and works overtime. Traveled in a duffel bag folded up small and met the summer street heat and office space air conditioning. It went from Starbucks to work to lunch to dinner and … Read More

another black dress

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[easyrotator]erc_21_1341749041[/easyrotator] Celebrated forty-seventh birthday by cooking dinner for seven at home. Menu included beef tenderloin, Copper River salmon, hericots verts, roasted garlic potatoes, spinach salad. Small perfect birthday cake, vanilla ice cream and great wine included. At this age I have learned … Read More

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