hey there, 155

Tenth month of this two thousand seventeenth year hit a personal all time high, the exception of being with child, and that was for the first time almost thirty years ago, yikes. These years creep up.

We get this, we’ve worked with women in wellness and wardrobe for decades now, and with four daughters in tow have pretty much seen it all, the highs, the lows, and the every day.

The face is full, and everything else. This ring around the middle has got us. We’re off to the gym, sometimes for double sessions, we’ve re-engaged our MyFitnessPal app on our phone, and we’re trying to be chill. We can’t say too much, we’re basically fit, and have an ongoing and probably never-ending love affair with good food, and great wine.

So, hey there 155, nice to know you, and hope to see you later.

Peace and love to all women everywhere, with each of their own struggles, we know it’s real.


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  1. Love your posts!

    • Thank you so very much! I’m so sorry it takes me so long to reply, honestly I hop on this blog and than hop off!!

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