at the hip

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We like to be fuss-free so today tied a scarf at the hip. Super easy, and these photos don’t do it justice: it was literally freezing outside and daughter and I spent less than four minutes snapping these pics at … Read More

seeking style

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Trying to stay somewhat style relevant while getting decades older and hanging with people decades younger, hello good-looking children, fiance, and girlfriend: challenging, even on a good day. As mentioned, we’ve been thinking about life, and the blog, and the … Read More

simply stellar

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Gucci, under creative director Allesandro Michele, continually shines bright. While my teens and twenty-somethings covet the goods I too am easily swayed, and would dress myself and clients this way now and in our eighties in an instant heartbeat, purse … Read More

fall risk

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Okay, a couple of little setbacks: lost, left, misplaced 13” MacBook Pro while traveling home under flu influence from Salt Lake City UT. Filed missing item report with United, no luck yet. Head wasn’t right, and that’s how it goes. … Read More


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When you get to a certain spot in life you kind of know that there’s nothing really speedy, and then you kind of figure out that might be kind of a good thing. Third daughter, fifth child, left yesterday for … Read More

snow day

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Like a little kid, twenty-seven year old daughter that lives in the Flatiron District and works in Manhattan snapped me at 7:45 am this morning declaring she had a snow day, and got to work from home, so darn adorable. … Read More

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