two nights away

walking the vineyard at Trius Winery, wearing white dress by Zara

Husband loves to travel; I love the husband so travel I do. Absolutely zero complaining, yet one hundred percent packing anxiety at times. 

For long-haul trips I usually pull out a rolling rack a week or so before and here and there hang things I think I’ll use. It becomes a kind of catch-all, and then right before departing I’ll edit away and throw all that’s left in a bag and go. This system usually works, and it’s always fun to pick up a new piece or two if needed, and new things from away make great time markers and memories. 

So, that was a total rambling run of paragraph and that’s precisely how I feel about the whole process of packing. It’s just not my favorite. 

instead of a rolling rack hung it all out on the armoire

For this most recent getaway, two nights and two days at Niagara on the Lake Canada, I decided to go the ‘outfit’ route, putting together complete looks rather than an assortment of ‘stuff’.

no black here, not this summer getaway

Two dinner ensembles, easy: one white trouser, bright floral scarf as halter, nice sandals, statement earrings, one floral dress, strappy suede sandals, a different pair of statement earrings, one and the same nude clutch for both looks.

Daytime outfits: one pair of off-white jeans, one beaded camisole for super-hot, one floral linen blouse for not-so-much, a long denim dress (with sleeves!), for whatever weather might be happening. (I’m suddenly understanding the need and desire for sleeves. All these years I just couldn’t quite get why clients demanded sleeves, now after really listeningI understand that sometimes you simply need and want a sleeve on a garment). The body part I’m partial to concealingis the back of the legs, after birthing six children (two at once!), and running countless and zillions of miles and a little dose of heredity leaning towards bad veins the back of the legs is not the best, oh well, so longer skirts and dresses are becoming more of a thing.

silk night things

Two complete workout outfits, one pair of sneakers, two swim ‘costumes’, one silk night ensemble, BAM, packing for two nights away, check. I also made a conscious decision to not pack a stitch of black, this being a late summer getaway I want to get as much out of color now as possible. By hanging it all out together you can get a real visual of your color story, and what your clothes are saying about where you’re going. Like the realtors say, location, location, location, it’s always good to think about when and where you’re going and put things together that complement all of that.

I’m always telling clients and daughters and my mom tells me that after the packing is done the stress is over and the fun begins. This was a drive trip, no flight to catch, and honestly this ‘outfit’ route made for one easy getaway. 

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