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There are a couple of things we all need to do every day, most of us at least, and that would be to put some clothes on and eat a few times.

My blog is kind of devoted to those daily habits, dress, love, work, cook, eat, exercise. Here’s hoping you have a couple of good outfits you can throw on without thinking that look good and have a couple of things you can prepare for dinner in 15 minutes flat that taste great.

Here are today’s offerings: wild salmon, pictured here, and wild cod, not pictured here, for husband that doesn’t like pink fish, local lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and squash. Fish on the grill, lettuce, tomatoes, and cukes tossed, zucchini and squash pan-fried. A little Italian white to round things out.

Outfit has been posted before. Get a few things together and repeat repeat repeat. Worth New York top, J Brand Capri Empress jeans, and close-up of sandals I have been absolutely living in all summer long.


helly hansen shorts

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Last Friday in July 2012. When wearing shorts, go big or go home. Walking shorts, mid-thigh, golf shorts? On any fit woman I’d rather see pants. Shorts are tough and when they hit you in just the wrong spot, well, they look wrong. So, in July, and maybe even August, if you spend any time at the gym at all wear short shorts when you need to wear shorts. Not kidding, regardless of what size you wear if you are fit a shorter pair of shorts will look better.

Helly Hansen is a great place to outfit yourself in serious athletic apparel. You can always look the part and participate fully when wearing their stuff. Visit www.hellyhansen.com for a preview.

Almost time to get serious. August 1 is right around the corner…

While dog-walking wearing Worth New York sweater, Helly Hansen shorts, Nike shoes.

traveling pants

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Table has turned. Twenty-two year old daughter wore these jeans home on a flight from Boston MA Sunday night. She leaves tomorrow morning for a big time job buying men and women’s clothing for a national company traveling between LA and NYC.  After washing and hanging these jeans in the sweet summer sun I wore them out for family dinner for eight. Upon arriving home, nineteen soon to be twenty year old daughter (don’t tell the bouncers) asked me for these pants. Promptly gave them to her.

When in the mood for a summer color combo during last week of July reach for mustard, gold, and navy. Add neutral shoes to keep the leg length long. Pictured here, Manolo Blahnik cork peep toe pumps- keep the sisterhood.

Traveling pants are now going clubbing.

In photos, Joe’s Jeans high rise skinny mustard ankle mustard jeans, Alice + Olivia pullover sweater, Louis Vuitton navy monogram bag, Ebel watch, Manolo Blahnik shoes.

the circle

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The hula-hoop was not a prop. Tonight dear friend, husband, and child visited us all for dinner from Park City, Utah. This young woman came into our lives when she was sixteen years old and helped us through all kinds of times- needed out nights for two, endless bedtime stories and grocery trips, library outings, berry picking, and downhill skiing lessons. Here is her daughter, so beautiful. Tonight she announced her daughter would be a big sister in early 2013. Oh, how I love the circle of life.

We celebrated with a dinner of wild halibut, beef tenderloin, local green beans and corn, roasted organic cherry tomatoes, spinach salad, blueberry pie and chocolate chip cookies.

While cooking for eleven plus one I wore white 7 for all mankind straight leg jeans, Worth New York Optic White Leather Strap Tee, flat Christian Louboutin sandals, and, an apron, of course, until it all came out of the oven at the same time. ha ha. Celebrate life. xoxo

Small clothing detail note: after months of skinnies the extra ease from the straight leg on these jeans feels fresh. Hemmed them myself. To reduce bulk and shadows in light colored pants have your tailor remove the extra length from the front pockets. Gives you a cleaner and more polished look.


work from home

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Weekend was a whirlwind- great content but not great photos so posts will be forthcoming. Peller Estates Winery and Niagara-on-the-Lake Golf Club to name a few highlights. Double challenge to blog posting was being in Canada; iPhone and iPad were off the grid so need to check that out and upgrade service plans.

With respect to other tech news here is a shout out to Boston College student and blogger, Tebs Maquebela at www.nofillers.com for connecting my admin Booie to his tech guy, Lucas Bancroft-Baer. Thank you for helping her install a plugin to block the ever increasing spam comments. Thank you too to everyone out there, every day dress has had 3,200 visits since April.

So here is a little self-promotion part. I work from home and work flexible hours. Four times a year there is considerable ramp up time that coincides with four fashion seasons, Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. In addition to helping women build incredible wardrobes season to season I also recruit, train, and mentor women interested in fashion and in being successful in their own business while being backed by a multi-million dollar luxury New York fashion company. If you are fun and fabulous, looking to be fun and fabulous, or know someone that is fun and fabulous and would like to learn more about the work I do, visit www.worthnewyork.com. For an immediate reply to your enquiry, email me directly at recollins@worthtld.com. Our Fall season promises to be better than ever and I would love to add a few great women to our team.

ps. Bad news from last Friday became better, thank god. Not out of the woods but hope has been restored.

Wearing Worth New York blouse and Stella & Dot necklace.


try for neutral

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Couldn’t do black, couldn’t do color. Bad news all around makes for a bad day. Wallow in it for a while and then get back to basics: eat protein for breakfast, make the bed, walk the dogs, get out of the yoga clothes and put on some makeup. Light a few candles, have some dinner and enjoy a glass of wine. Embrace the good, keep the faith.

Wearing all Worth New York neutrals while having dinner in the city with second daughter. She wears J Brand Skinny Leg Jeans, Alice and Olivia Blouse, Worth New York clutch. Every day dress.

the body issue

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Hot topic. We could go on and on and on. Here is a much abbreviated post.

I love fashion. Most high fashion looks best on thin thin women. As much as I love great clothes I love food and fitness as well.

How to make it work? Find balance with regular exercise. For the body and mind. Eat for pleasure in the company of family and friends. Being healthy helps you feel better on challenging days. Choose and wear clothes that work for you. Everyone is different.

LOVE ESPN’s the BODY issue. Check it out for inspiration. http://espn.go.com/espn/bodyissue

Yes, that is my right foot with surgery scar from marathon training and running in my late twenties. Note Chanel nail colour in Vertigo, still strong and loving life at forty-seven.

scarf as halter

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During these dog days of summer one of my favorite ways to wear a scarf is as a halter. Very easy to do. You can be fancy with an Hermes scarf ring or just use any ring you happen to have around or are currently wearing. Here are step by step instructions using a 35″ square scarf:

Fold scarf in half to form a triangle. Take your ring and slide down top point of the triangle you formed. Separate the top into two ties. Tie around your neck and fasten with a square knot. Take other two points and tie around your waistline with a square knot in back. Adjust the neckline and square knot in back so you are most comfortable. Keep in mind the larger the scarf the longer the hem of your intended halter. If wearing high-waisted pants feel free to tuck the bottom of the scarf into the waistband of your pants for a more fitted look and if desired add a thin belt.

Must be the heat. Had a very tough time uploading these photos tonight. Had many more but iPhoto and MacBook were just not cooperating. Hope you get the gist of it.

Stay cool.

Both scarves, Worth New York Spring Summer 2012. Jeans, Lily Pulitzer, very old.


stella and cleaning all day as workout

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Sunday July 15th. So happy to be in the country with bucket and rags. Feels good to get down and clean all day. Added bonus is the workout time. Scrub like you mean it.

Two breaks today included time by the pool to read the New York Times and a 45 minute hill walk with husband and dogs. Wore Stella McCartney shorts- LOVE her workout gear and am super happy to hear she will be debuting a line of body-wear, or underpinnings as today’s SundayStyles section referred to it. Will be called simply, Stella, and debuts in August. Visit www.stellamccartney.com for more info.

In photos Stella McCartney shorts Nike running shoes and Nike Napa Running Company tee.


say yes

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Sometimes against logical reason you just need to say yes. This purple snakeskin clutch purchased over one year ago at an unbelievable sale price even when I was feeling flat broke and not needing anything? Yes. It has become one of my favorite bags. Pretty much paid considerably less than the sales tax on a big name bag. I love it and am so glad I said yes even though all other brainwaves were telling me to resist, hard.

So, why I am writing this? Here is the lifestyle piece tied in with the fashion piece: as a recruiter, trainer, mentor and sales person by profession I am encouraging you to take the leap- jump in- pull the trigger. It’s not always safe but so worth the experience. I have said yes so many times and it has led me to unbelievable experiences. Scary? Yes. Uncertain? Yes. Believe in my dreams? Yes. Glad I do? Even though painful at times, Yes.

Happy Friday.

In photos, tank Parker, jeans DL1950, sunglasses Oliver Peoples, bag Worth New York.

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