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We’ve been in a bit of a funk lately, sister in northern CA tells me this happens every February. Not sure what to wear, not sure what to do, so we simply buckle in and stick to the basics.

Spring always feels good in stripes, especially navy and white, so we wore that last week down south. The black shirt on the striped bed? That thing is a necessity, wear it on the plane, throw it on the floor, wear it again, sleep in it, wear it over a bikini, wear it again back on the plane. Machine wash, dry, repeat. Thinking all women need this.

We start our spring trunk show Friday, lots of good striped things. Photos still with the iPhone, not quite organized. Really only good pic is the lunch photo for one:


basics, every day

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We think fresh flowers, fancy lingerie, dark pedicures, blue jeans and white shirts are every day basics.

Happy Valentine’s Day all, let’s find beauty in the simple.

Basics, every day.

All photos lately with the iPhone, locked my camera in my car and can’t find my keys. Basics, right?

uniform dressing

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When you’re in the middle of your work/family/runaround routine, uniform dressing fits the bill. Quick photos that went back and forth, oldest daughter in NYC wearing the ubiquitous all black, me here in BUF doing the same.

We’re in the mid-February hum for sure.

Happy Tuesday. Every day dress, all about the column of non-color right about now.

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