let’s disappear for a little

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Love is a pretty amazing thing, it’s those relationships that make you want to take off.

Years ago used to pack the kids up and take off for the zoo. Didn’t really tell anyone where we were going, kind of just hit the road.




Yesterday took 2 of 6 to meet up with this one and his love. She was walking in a show, and we were there. Felt like we we’re getting away from it all, felt good.





It was their day to shine. Intermission of dance drove the romance home.






After all the champagne of course we hit up the burger place. 🙂









Let’s all disappear for a little. xoxo



for the long haul

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We started this site four years ago to look at fashion for women that might have kids, job(s), a home, maybe two, dogs, and day and night commitments and needed to be dressed. It’s kind of evolved to more of a style site, as in lifestyle: we’re in it for the long haul.

So, here’s one of my favorite photos from 2015, youngest daughter head down awaiting check-in at a London hotel after her very first long haul flight. She’s in my lap, and wrapped in my wrap. Never travel without one of those.

A few style notes: we’re both dressed in flat boots, and denim. I’ve got on two scarves kind of, one around the neck and one around the shoulders. They both helped with the transition.

Now she flies with ease, she nailed Prague, Budapest and Vienna, classmates thought she was best dressed. 🙂 Always in walkable boots, and with her own wrap.


Every day dress, we’re in it for the long haul, of course.


on stripes and more

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We’ve been in a bit of a funk lately, sister in northern CA tells me this happens every February. Not sure what to wear, not sure what to do, so we simply buckle in and stick to the basics.

Spring always feels good in stripes, especially navy and white, so we wore that last week down south. The black shirt on the striped bed? That thing is a necessity, wear it on the plane, throw it on the floor, wear it again, sleep in it, wear it over a bikini, wear it again back on the plane. Machine wash, dry, repeat. Thinking all women need this.

We start our spring trunk show Friday, lots of good striped things. Photos still with the iPhone, not quite organized. Really only good pic is the lunch photo for one:


home, alone

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Fourth child, second daughter, home, not really alone, she’s got our two dogs to let in and out, with endless snow coming down. Big place for one person. Takes her 500+ steps just to get a cup of coffee. Thanks Booie, for holding down the fort.

Fifth child, third daughter, we’re down here at the condo, where you can clean the thing without even once unplugging the vacuum cleaner, love that. What was supposed to be a quick in and out escape has turned into a full week. Sixth child, fourth daughter, she’s in Budapest. Oldest daughter, back in NYC.

Snowed in, in FL. Home is wherever you make it. Flying out later today.

Photo taken with the iPhone on the nightstand. Only packed a few simple accessories, and again, only a carry-on.

Cute little kids kissing? That’s the valentine, from me to him.

I needed ya.

I got ya.

I’m keeping ya.

Love ya. 

Happy Thursday everyone. Back in the office tomorrow, full tilt, we’ve got spring coming. Trunk Show starts Friday, February 26th. xoxo


roll with it

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iPhone photo | 7:43 am | Buffalo NY

Husband dropped fifteen year old sixth child at school this morning where she hopped a bus to Toronto Canada to then travel to Prague, Budapest, and Vienna. Husband and I, with fifth child, flew late this afternoon to Tampa FL. Sixth child was texting her sister, said fifth child that was with us, that one student dropped out and it was her ticket that was inadvertently cancelled, wow. So, her 46 classmates departed, and she and her chemistry teacher were left to book another airline, cool. She kept her chill on, and texted that she hoped that Air Canada would have a burger, fries, and a shake, haha.


iPhone photo |  | 9:04 pm | Ruskin Bahia Beach FL

We all put our phones on airplane mode once on Southwest, and put our faith in all good things. She’s flying through the night to countries I would be hard pressed to pinpoint on a map, and we’re here in a small town cooking steaks and tossing green things.

Peanut, so proud of you, breathe it all in. Travel opens your mind and soul. Bumps in your itinerary will help you figure out the undoubted upcoming bumps in life. Way to roll with it. Love you to the moon and Prague and everywhere in between and back. Really hope you got that burger. xoxo

Every day dress, always gotta roll with it.

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