keeping it real

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Bought these out there pants months ago, never worked them into the rotation (kind of didn’t hem them), so here they are, mid-September. We’re all about keeping it real:

  • we say ‘yes’, way more than no, even when we’re not qualified
  • we simply roll the waistband when we don’t do the tailor job ourselves for the perfect hem
  • instead of over thinking the hair mid-week we simply knot it up
  • black is always good
  • movement every day is key, lifting heavy things twice is a very good week, thanks Jordan and Booie
  • we don’t shop at the mall, instead add to the wardrobe over time at seasonal trunk shows
  • we’re all about good food, and good (or any) wine
  • we kind of don’t care that it shows that we’re all about good food and wine, skinny and ageless we will never be
  • we like getting things done, figuring things out, and (sometimes) being downright scrappy, hey Michelle!






To get these outfit shots sixteen year old daughter and I hop in the car and drive two minutes to remote industrial lot. She clicks away, I feel a bit awkward, it all goes down in less than five. Not perfect and not 100%, simply saying yes and getting it done.


Every day dress, we’re all about keeping it real, and fun.

Wednesday, woot woot!

Wearing a mix-up: Rebecca Minkoff at Tony Walker & Co. jacket, Wolford bodysuit, Worth New York pant, Gucci bag


last week Sunday

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Last week Sunday we were all about making a mess: casual dinner for 6 morphed into impromptu party for 40, plus assorted dogs.














Cooked off 4 scratch blueberry pies, chocolate cookies, and banana bread, always start with dessert. 4 beef Tenderloin, 4 whole chickens quartered by knife and hand in the sink, gotta love the prep work and really should have gone for 6 birds, 3 dozen corn, green beans, yellow beans, miles of greens, roasted new red and white potatoes, and lobster mac and cheese. Bake, cook, grill, cook. All out effort. Dance party pics didn’t make the blog.







Love feeding those we love.

If it’s a mess, so be it.

Dishes for days…

It’s Monday, a long way from last week Sunday, and we’ve been in suite 101 having a ball working fall winter 16 fashion. If that gig doesn’t work out perhaps we’ll take up cooking for zillions.



a little cap…

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Kind of wishing the title might be a little nap, yet no such thing these days. Youngest at sixteen started school yesterday, and oldest at almost twenty-eight came for steaks on the grill and salad last night.

These days just keep going strong.




So, we’ve been wearing a little cap sleeved dress. It’s been hot as heck and we’ve got places to be so the above knee-length and the textured fabric in our two very favorite colors, black and white, of course, make this piece the perfect polished runaround look.

Actually, we’ve cleaned out closets big-time and keeping only things we absolutely love. I’ve driven car loads to the good will, my closet is two-thirds bare, and it’s so much easier to get dressed. Highly recommend.


Added some tough love shoes and classic top-handled bag, out the door.

Every day dress, a little cap, and then maybe a little nap. Happy back to school. xoxo

For help with the wardrobe, the closet, or if you too might like to work in the fun and ever-changing world of fashion, email me here at  We’re all about reinventing ourselves constantly and fresh starts. Every day brings new opportunity.


another black dress

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September 1st and it’s all systems go. What to wear? Another black dress, of course. Some might say the v  neckline is way too low, we think it’s just about right.



Can’t think about the wardrobe, too many moving parts to manage.

Women all over are busy, getting dressed should be easy.

ps. we love wearing night-time pieces during the day.

Black Stretch Crepe Square N Neck Sheath

(also in Navy)

Worth New York Fall 16

back to work

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Undoubtedly one of the hottest weeks of the year and we’ve been back at work playing with way cool fall clothes.

Black leather biker cape? Total score, and borrowed for our super quick shoot from Worth New York.




Black tank and black pants are mine, also Worth New York. Put them on, take them off, go to bed, wake up, and put them on again, every single day this week, no kidding.

Every day dress, back to work. Fall and winter style appointments at or . Now let’s get the kiddos back to school.


Black Leather Biker Cape | Black Crepe Jersey Tank | Black Stretch Crepe Valentina Pant

Worth New York Fall 16

summer all over

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Never really sure where we’re going to be, city, country, home, office; simply trying to keep it all going with summer happening all over. Endless kids, friends, dogs…






Cooking and feeding, and zipping up long dresses to get out the door and to the next place we’re going.

Colleague is on the road too, she’s working remotely from car and field.


It’s a little frenetic, yet we can style you for your busy days too.

Every day dress, summer all over. xoxo

work mix

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Closing in on 4th of July weekend and we’ve been in the office mixing it up at work:

  • pairing a striped shirt with a striped pleated shirt.
  • tying said shirt at the waist, who cares, we’re in the creative field.
  • carrying two bags, one small, one tote.
  • wearing chic sandals to attorney meetings, again, who cares, creative field.
  • kind of messy hair, summertime, almost 4th of July weekend.



We’re working on adding ‘work hard have fun stylists’ to our New York state team and beyond and sharing with clients how to mix up their wardrobes. You don’t need a ton of stuff, simply some good stuff and to mix it up.

Here’s how we wore that shirt last weekend in a slightly risqué way while not in the office:



  • same shoes, same shirt, add denim.

Every day dress, work mix always. xoxo


work mode | mom mode

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IMG_1694 IMG_1699 IMG_1707 IMG_1687

Second day of summer 16 and like women all over we’re juggling multiple gigs.

Checked into the Waldorf NYC last week Tuesday early morning and barely left the hotel until late Thursday afternoon. For day-long meetings wore a dress each and every time. Nothing easier than a dress when you’re always in a rush. Ordered lunch in, room service for one in a city of culinary opportunity. Needed some down time.


Flew back to BUF with oldest NYC daughter on Thursday and helped her prep a summer country weekend for her city friends, about 40 of them. We did the usual, mac and cheese, chicken and burgers, salad, roasted potatoes and asparagus on the grill, (no more room in the oven), and cookies.





Love the work mode and the mom mode, just keep going. Good clothes help, for sure. 🙂


dance party in the kitchen always


funny bikini cookies, it was a pool party after all


best friends since 6th grade



wine at lunch?

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For those following along on the blog Wednesday night’s event with Wendy Selig-Prieb to help WNY Women’s Foundation at Albright-Knox Art Gallery, stunning success, two standing ovations, and over-sold. Thank you Wendy, proper post coming soon once the professional photos hit the email feed.

We’ve been a little on the down-low the last week, event prep takes a lot out of us and a little event let-down always slides in. Day of event? No wine at lunch. Day after event? Yes, wine at lunch, and then again at dinner. 🙂

For dinner out after wine at lunch wore new piece from Summer 16, a long jacket, and once again styled as a dress. It can all be blur. Love it when you can mix and match separates and get out the dressed well and quick. Black always makes it easy when you’re time stressed, promise, it was color and pattern for the big event.

Today it’s Friday, TGIF, and I’ve missed blogging, can’t do it all, all the time. Wine at lunch? Yes, most definitely sometimes. 🙂

Have a great weekend all. xoxo

ps. We’re back in the office full tilt until we head to NYC mid-June. Working to help women feel good in their clothes one outfit, one piece, one day at time.


Black Silence Wash Sashed Long Jacket | Worth New York Summer 16


cross body bag and armload of bangles


good french shoes with a pedicure for nice french restaurant

never mind the bumps, that’s how life is  

work what you have

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Blog has had the back seat, we’ve been getting event ready: What She’s Made Of with Wendy Selig-Prieb tomorrow night, Wednesday May 18th, Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Photos above are sneak peek of simple flowers and exquisite tent.



For prep work wore what I had, leather culottes, husbands shirt, and oblong scarf tied at the neck, kind of flowing out back. Love mixing navy and black, and the skinny kind of scarf around the neck is a bit of trend.

If you’re in BUF and you want to join the fun, it will be the place to be, call Catherine at 716-887-2616 tomorrow between 9 am and noon and she might just get you in. 🙂

Every day dress, work what you have.

culottes and scarf | Worth New York

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