layer it

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it’s friday, woot woot

serious blouse, casual mix

loving this Cosabella bodysuit, it goes under anything

We’re easing back into our style work and one little piece we simply can’t get enough of is this simple little bodysuit. It’s like wearing a pair of tights on your torso: slim, clean, and 3/4 sleeves. Picked this up locally at Lace & Day, they really know their stuff, and now encouraging clients and friends to pick one up too. Gifted one to the third daughter, and she’s got the layering look going as well.

kind of a smile

kind of serious yet LOVE the boots

Colleague stopped in and she and I were talking about wearing versus not wearing the clothes we collect. It’s so easy to fall into wardrobe default. Yeah, the jeans are for sure default yet the blouse is new. I say, for the new year, let’s all wear what we have, and wear what we buy. This silk graphic cutaway would be so corporate/office appropriate all suited up, popped it over the bodysuit and paired with denim, sandals, and glitter socks to be fun instead. We’re loving socks, with any footwear at all.

this is¬†what we do at the office…not really

glitter socks with sandals, you bet

this is our new high heel height

Know we have to break free of the denim habit, just can’t shake it. One habit that’s gone for sure is any heel height over 3″. No way.

We’re in the studio suite today and tomorrow, and then back again Monday, January 23rd. Working with all things spring 17, and some samples at half off too.

Every day dress, layer it, and wear your good stuff.

bodysuit | Lace & Day

silk cutaway | Worth New York

Jane sandal | Saint Laurent | on sale now at NET-A-PORTER

we’ve been cooking

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pork tenderloin, onions, celery

add a couple of glasses of burgundy ūüôā

pork, sprouts, sweet potato puree

fish, asparagus, tomato, super quick go-to

wine and bread, yes, please. no detox going on here 

standard issue caesar, as good and solid as denim in the wardrobe

I’ve¬†always got two pans going, want those things to cook, not steam

honestly this tastes way better than it looks

no need to buy frozen fries, slice those babies up and add kosher salt, cayenne, and olive oil

asparagus in the wok, yes, please

real cheese only, pasteurized need not apply

gotta love the two pot technique for the home cook

it’s winter, let’s cook

Already mid-January, and after last months shenanigans we’ve barely left the house. We’ve been cooking, and cleaning, and organizing exciting things like the spice cabinet; actually every single kitchen cabinet.

Family meal time has become kind of sacred, and now no-one is in any hurry to leave the table. Even when the man is away we’ve made simple things for the three of us like penne Carbonaro instead of calling for take-out. Add a glass of wine and life is beautiful.

Yeah, we’ve been at the studio showroom¬†here and there, yet we’re really doing what feels right now and knowing the style stuff will kick in. Besides, it’s kind of dark outside for outfit photos, and we’ve been in dress down mode lately. We know the ultimate combination is a great meal, a great outfit, a great setting, all in the company of those you love. Spring is just around the corner, and we’re simply trusting ourselves to get there when the time is right.

Every day dress, we’ve been cooking.

three small steps

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No staff here, nary even a committee. We believe, yet getting there can feel huge.


Yesterday, wore some new red shoes to the office.



Today, picked up a pair of white poinsettia to bookend the fireplace and a pair of ivy topiary for the countertop of home central. White and green, we can do that all season long.

Three small steps, and so it begins.

No gift guides here, simply some amateur photography, peace and good will.

Happy Friday everyone. xoxo

meet me here

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Always moving and working to make good things happen, I was recently asked ‘what do you do all day after you drop your daughter¬†at school?’. And she’s youngest of six.


Like women (and men) all over, plenty.

Really no need to list it all, we all get it, I think. And with that thought this post is titled meet me here.

Kind of where I like to meet all the humans in my life, where they are, doing their best.

Now, some style notes: had my momma take this photo outside of our work space, at the bus stop. She likes the pink silk, not so much the rips. Promised myself that I was not buying one more pair of denim with rips at the knee, yet this was the favorite Emerson fit, and there was embroidery. Sold. Thank you Juliana and¬†Tony Walker & Co. As for the blouse, you know, what we do most days, Worth New York. They show it looking fab all tied up in a bow, we style it kind of rogue, a loose square knot with sleeves all rolled up. Momma, we always try to wear good shoes, especially with our rips. ūüôā


Every day dress, meet me here, and I’ll meet you there too, wherever you are at that time. xoxo

Powder Pink Charmeuse Tie Neck Blouse | Worth New York

Citizens of Humanity Emerson | @ Tony Walker & Co

Bag | Vintage Hermes | Heritage Auctions

Shoe | Christian Louboutin

photos aren’t perfect, this is the every day¬†

event dressing with separates

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Start your engines, it’s go-go time with event dressing. While we adore a great dress, separates give us wardrobe miles.

As we’re back working trunk through November 10th, (the entire month of October was a wipeout with a wicked head thing), here are a few Worth New York images for outfit inspiration:


the black taffeta ball skirt is a carryover from last winter, 

already have that piece in the wardrobe rotation

thinking of adding that decadent black cutaway for an upcoming gala



LOVE the simply red taffeta pieces,

and how about that one shouldered cashmere sweater 

with a pair of jeans after the party?


navy velvet slip dress with navy velvet pant?

fashion forward worn together, as separates simply stunning


gorgeous beaded top, after the party why not back to denim?

amazing Valentina pant in navy that can go desk to dinner to event anywhere…


putting in your gym time? show¬†it off in gold lame…

again, that navy Valentina pant, we love separates that go places…

professional images all Worth New York

We’re booking style sessions so you can look your best now and after the big night. We have all this and more including some gorgeous stretch silk taffeta blouses in colors like Verde and True Blue. (we all love a little stretch). Over are the days when you just want to get home to take off your clothes, or not. ūüôā¬†


in the office and unless it’s a great dress of course we’re¬†wearing separates

and often black while the focus is on what YOU are wearing

get your fishnets on

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It seems every five years or so fishnets are back on, although Carine always rocks them.

We love them as they disguise some of the good times we’ve had with our legs.



dress and jacket | Worth New York

We always love a strong boot with a dress, not for everyone, we know, happy that trend is happening now too. So much easier to get around town when you can walk strong.



We love a good little bomber jacket with a dress as well, especially in plush chenille, and more so when it has a hood. Sixteen year old daughter promptly picked that one up, might not see it again. Guess that’s okay, keeps her warm while she’s learning to drive.


Professionally we’ll be working trunk again, this weekend through Thursday, November 11th. Give us a ring, we’d love to share the best fishnet source out there.


Every day dress and get your fishnets on. xoxo

made the cut

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Okay, so we’ve got this kind of struggle: post or not? We say post, as this is about the every day, the long haul, the sustainability. There are times that style/fashion blogs get us down with the always new, always fresh, we just can’t keep up. And, with raising daughters and launching two adult sons, also with young women in their lives, wearing something new all the time¬†just doesn’t feel right, let alone get along with the bank.


With the recent closet cleanse and wardrobe edit here are some things that made the cut:

  • navy wide leg wool pants, high waist, with front pockets, Donna Karan, purchased eleven and a half years ago at Bergdorf Goodman.
  • white wool blouse, jewel neckline, elbow length sleeves, back zip, purchased from Worth New York maybe five years ago? can’t really remember. (remember the above pants as it was a 40th birthday NYC shopping trip).
  • luggage tote, Celine, added to the handbag rotation September 2012 while wine tasting in Italy. now, four years later, and at 51, I would probably only buy an Italian made bag while touring. and, when in France, would similarly buy a French brand. this bag is showing wear, like our face, and it’s okay.
  • the footwear? new boots, made for work and walking with a stacked block heel, really the only kind of thing we can think about wearing on our feet lately. shoes that look and feel good, and can go for days and miles.

We like to write and inspire about style and lifestyle. We love beautiful clothing and things that are new. We also love what we can count on, and things that have been around for a while. These things and more to come, all made the cut.


And this is how we wore it after hours, with the ubiquitous denim and some favorite been around Chanel boots, to third daughters late afternoon field hockey game. Our clothes should be multi-purpose, for sure. Women want clothes that work.

in edit mode

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Dear friends,

We’re in a bit of transition: went abroad, blog crashed. Ditched the trainer (he was great yet it’s not the look I’m going for), and the housekeeping (how hard is it to vacuum?), wicked head cold set in and worked a full tilt fall winter 16 trunk. And the election?….


The major thing going on (haha) is that we’re in edit mode: every decade or so it’s good to do a wardrobe cleanse. We’ve driven car loads to the Goodwill, we’re just really into a pared down wardrobe. We want our clothes to look great, feel great, be great, and if they don’t measure up out they go. White shirts and blue denim, lifetime keepers.



We’ve dressed women professionally 16 years, dressing daughters for 26 years, time for a little time out and wardrobe reassess. We’ve got three living it home, aged 23, 17, and 16, and they’ve even been involved in the great closet clean out.

We’re studying trends and taking note of what works exceptionally well, stay tuned.


picked up some Gucci ghost, might be for the men yet we like it

Blog posts have been few, the work has been real. We’ll get back to being social real soon.


one to one

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img_8926 img_8927 img_8931 img_8933 img_8934 img_8936 img_8940 img_8941 img_8943 img_8946

We could have updated the blog on any one of six flights we’re recently been on; way too complicated, wifi too spotty, and kind of wanted to watch five movies in a row –¬†something we never, ever do.

While away blog caught the ‘white screen of death’ for about five days, sorry, really had no idea what that was until it happened and then had to google and ultimately talk with a nice guy from Go Daddy and he figured things out. Kind of funny as no one was really missing it, that’s how life goes. And the Instagram feed still not aligned with the blog? Oh, well, we’ll figure that out too, in time.

Anyways, we’re back and here’s a little info about what we do professionally: help women, one to one, through personalized style sessions, look and feel great in the clothes we all wear. I’m convinced we all love a little love and affirmation, especially in the ‘what should I wear?’ and ‘how does this look?’ department.






Being a mom to daughters, and we’ve got four, keeps you constantly in the wardrobe loop. A week ago or so, Friday, two of four daughters and I checked into the Worth New York and W by Worth showrooms on 57th Street and 5th Avenue in New York City. They loved so much of what was in front of them. In a city of unlimited clothing choices, they were looking for a little one to one; one to one attention on what looked best on them, what would work with their individual look and lifestyle.



That’s what we do: one to one personalized style sessions, in our showroom on Delaware Ave in Buffalo NY, on 57th and 5th in NYC, in the privacy of your own home or office, or virtually while online sharing our computer screens.

We believe all women should look and feel great in the clothes we wear. Every day dress, each time we put on clothes we have a new opportunity to do it again, make it different, make it better. xoxo


on the road, in the air

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Husband decided less than a week ago it was time to go again, this time to Tuscany. So go I do.

To get done what needed to be done before taking off wore the favorite denim on denim with some new block heel black suede boots.

Thinking we’re pretty much giving up on any footwear that can’t take to the road without speed and grace.



Every day dress, always, on the road. xoxo

ps. packed it all in a carry-on: three jeans: two denim, one stretch leather, 3 dresses, 2 sweaters, 3 tanks, 2 shirts,1 jacket, 1 scarf.