the afterglow

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prosecco and OJ? yes, please

let’s add an extra hot bloody too 🙂

prepping the beef, lots of rosemary, kosher salt, and pepper

jewel cookies by me, baklava by EJ

Cooking, dining, celebrating and serving have been the theme the last few days. We’ve covered the table with newspaper for king crab legs and mac and cheese. Ham and eggs, with a bloody on the side. Tenderloin and mashed too. Flowers, totally simple: a big bouquet of red roses bought at the grocery Christmas Eve day and then cut down into 3 small on the rocks glasses. Of course white votives, and branches of greenery laid down too. Do it yourself.

As for gifts? This man of mine never knew thirty or so years ago that he’d become a collector of fine handbags, yikes. One of our first trips together took us to a Caribbean island and of course I had to get a new bag to go with my swimsuit, which at the time was a little one-shouldered number. I took that bag on small little boats and held it overhead when we walked to shore.

Now at Christmas he gifts the five women in his life a brand new bag, Santa Baby indeed. Thank god he’s a really excellent lawyer. 🙂 We use them all year-long, and years after that, and they’re often traded around. The afterglow continues.

a feathered ornament, with cash!

cloth lobster bibs from sister in CA, how cool!

my phone on the table, how rude!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year week to all. With these holidays on a Sunday this year it feels like three straight weeks of hustle.

mini and me in off the shoulder

yes, there really is a Santa

Every day dress, and wishing you all a continuous glow.



gift it away

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Yeah, we’ve baked for days and have pretty much gifted it all away. There’s been outfits, and parties, and travel.

Took a break from social media for a bit, know the holiday season even in the best of times can be trying and filled with emotion. So needed to hit pause, for myself and maybe for you.

It’s Christmas Eve day, and I’m tucked in with good food stock and wine. This man of mine I’ve been with for over thirty years has taught me to give and go beyond. So give and go we do.

Market run early this morning was fresh, and colorful. We’ll continue to roast, and bake, and celebrate. In the spirit of abundance, let’s all now gift it away.

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas.






we’re all getting there

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Holiday production mode moving into higher gear for everyone.










We’ve been trimming trees, hanging small white lights, and decorating with natural material and things we have on hand. You know we like the glow of small white votives, and pine cones and greenery can spruce up anything.




Started some baking detail today, and this huge spool of red and white twine is just the thing to wrap small loaves in parchment for gifting.


Day by day, we’re all getting there.

Special heartfelt prayers for families and friends that really need love, strength, and a warm glow.

three small steps

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No staff here, nary even a committee. We believe, yet getting there can feel huge.


Yesterday, wore some new red shoes to the office.



Today, picked up a pair of white poinsettia to bookend the fireplace and a pair of ivy topiary for the countertop of home central. White and green, we can do that all season long.

Three small steps, and so it begins.

No gift guides here, simply some amateur photography, peace and good will.

Happy Friday everyone. xoxo

coconut cake with tea lights

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img_0181 img_0185

Monday night, 6:15 pm, and wickedly procrastinating about putting together some dinner. Long weekend was a food and drink fest, always serving in the double digits. Second daughter turned twenty-four Sunday, and as usual we celebrated with a dinner at home.




Food is looking robust, night before we were doing cocktails and champagne, thank you Gabby and Danny.



Love the balloons.

Stuffed some chicken breasts with local herbed chèvre and basil leaves, stove top roasted tomatoes, peas, and quinoa.

Cake was homemade, four sticks of butter with the cream cheese frosting, butter is love. Found we were out of candles and couldn’t bear another grocery visit so simply stuck a red rose on top and surrounded the platter with tea lights.


We did pick up some new dishes, grey, and grey linen napkins. Dishes are french, and like the ones we’ve loved and used for years, simply a new color.

It’s always double Monday after a long holiday.

Happy Birthday Booie. xoxo

(couldn’t get the post up yesterday, way too exhausted).




Okay, Tuesday night, 7:24 pm, and waiting for the teens to get home to have pan sauteed scallops and sugar snap peas and they are now looking pretty sorry.

When you’re the one that makes the house hum you’ve just gotta go with it- coconut cake still sitting around yet those scallops can’t wait.



Every day dress and coconut cake with tea lights. xoxo

add four more

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Flowers we do ourselves and usually arrange in single color, odd number, low arrangements. Keeps things easy.


and who put the Visine on the table?

Dinner guests: we always welcome any and more. Four were added spontaneously to our table this year, and it was joyful, and fun. We love a mix.



Started the dressing on Tuesday and just wrapped the kitchen clean-up, barely. Now leaning into some birthday festivities and holiday hustle.





Every day dress and we will always add four, or more.


Happy Thanksgiving weekend all. xoxo

some new makeup

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We like some makeup, not a lot of makeup. In fact, it’s kind of our ethos here: put on some makeup.

As we’re living with two teens and a make-up loving young adult, our kit is usually MIA, really can never even find mascara. Went out and picked up these things here, all Bobbi Brown. We like her mojo, ‘The secret to beauty is simple: be who you are.” And, she wears lots of denim. Natural looking makeup and a lipstick that looks like lips, count us in. Bobbi, thank you.


It’s eve of Thanksgiving eve and if you’re wondering this is what our kitchen really looks like. xoxo


black and blue

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We’ve been out of the loop for a little, thinking about all things large and small…

Still in major wardrobe edit mode, always affirming to daughters and clients good things take time, and often longer than expected. We’ve been editing the lifestyle as well, and have found comfort and joy in simple things like polishing copper pots, and silver flatware. First daughter tells me she won’t come home for Thanksgiving unless the house is clean, so clean we are.

Professional life has been edited as well, and that’s a good turn after doing work that was really only moderate at best while constantly being pulled in multiple directions. Black and blue? Yes, change can hurt.




On the style front husband and I attended the most beautiful gala ever; the opening celebrating Picasso: The Artist and His Models at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, presenting sponsor being the extraordinary Delaware North. Food was art, and art was Picasso, absolutely soul-stirring.

Wore one of our favorite color combinations, black and blue, or more specifically black and navy. Even when dressing for black tie events we never seem to have a lot of time, so like to keep things easy. Easy it was, in separates: a long satin-paneled crepe maxi skirt, and a navy satin draped blouse. Both pieces were new for this event and go with the current wardrobe edit going on, and both pieces will be worn again and again, and separately, giving credit to buy well, wear more. Our recent clothing purchases have been relatively lean, given that clothes are our thing, really wanted something new for this event. Black suede sandals are one of our closet basics, and those were picked up while traveling four years ago.

It’s been twelve days since last blog post, have really missed you all, it’s just that we have had life going on all around, as it should…

Every day dress, and black and blue. xoxo

skirt | Ann Demeulemeester

blouse | Ronal Mouret


meet me here

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Always moving and working to make good things happen, I was recently asked ‘what do you do all day after you drop your daughter at school?’. And she’s youngest of six.


Like women (and men) all over, plenty.

Really no need to list it all, we all get it, I think. And with that thought this post is titled meet me here.

Kind of where I like to meet all the humans in my life, where they are, doing their best.

Now, some style notes: had my momma take this photo outside of our work space, at the bus stop. She likes the pink silk, not so much the rips. Promised myself that I was not buying one more pair of denim with rips at the knee, yet this was the favorite Emerson fit, and there was embroidery. Sold. Thank you Juliana and Tony Walker & Co. As for the blouse, you know, what we do most days, Worth New York. They show it looking fab all tied up in a bow, we style it kind of rogue, a loose square knot with sleeves all rolled up. Momma, we always try to wear good shoes, especially with our rips. 🙂


Every day dress, meet me here, and I’ll meet you there too, wherever you are at that time. xoxo

Powder Pink Charmeuse Tie Neck Blouse | Worth New York

Citizens of Humanity Emerson | @ Tony Walker & Co

Bag | Vintage Hermes | Heritage Auctions

Shoe | Christian Louboutin

photos aren’t perfect, this is the every day 

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