new place in town

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With a half-dozen young adult kids or so they keep you in the loop of latest happenings: Rowhouse Bakery & Restaurant, you’re the new place in town, and you’ve totally got it going on. Thank you Maxwell and Ethan for getting us out tonight.

Loved being at the soft opening, and more than that looking forward to returning this Friday after another Buffalo city love thing, wine tasting at City Wine Merchant.

Sensual sensory stimulation from the wood-fired crispy thin crust pizza to the varied and detailed ceiling treatments throughout. We’ve been into good, soulful food of late, and you all delivered. Broke out the new velvet Gucci boots for a first-time run, happy, style post about those beauties coming soon.

Every day dress, new place in town, thank you all at Rowhouse Bakery & Restaurant. xoxo

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home, alone

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simple sliced mushrooms for breakfast and lunch, when home, alone

We’ve been here, there, and everywhere; really wanting to be home, alone.

Last weekend RI and VT, weekend before NYC, and all that goes with that.

This past weekend small little ski town in upstate, Ellicottville, and still here, after all is gone, love being home, alone.

city garden, early fall

carb loading, for sure, and copper pot needs some polish

Before leaving for the ski house by auto we negotiated a little stay in the city time, to bake, and do a little weekend prep, divine. Kitchen in the city works, and we know once we touch down anywhere there are humans to feed. 🙂

steak, bloody’s, asparagus and overcooked eggs, for six or so

Recognizing that learning how to cook, and perhaps cook well, is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Even better is when you share with others, simply need a little solo recharge at times.

husbands’ flannel and boxers, kitchen in EVL

No complaints, ever. Simply loving the down-time.

Every day dress. Home, alone; or with one or a few that you really love.

Godspeed to all in Santa Rosa, Napa, Sonoma, and beyond….


base layer

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Can’t control much, yet underneath it all we can choose what we wear for our base layer. Even when its denim and the husbands shirt, underneath it all it’s every day dress, and a good base layer, to help us keep our cool.

We absolutely love Lace & Day, and how they make the ordinary, extraordinary. Dressing is a thing, and starting with the good stuff sets the tone. Everyone needs a base layer, and we’re all about making nice.

Now, until Saturday, October 7th, enjoy savings of 15% by celebrating their Second Anniversary Celebration. Tuesday – Saturday 10am  – 6pm. Visit for information about parking behind the store.

Every day dress, let’s all make our base layer a good one. xoxo

it’s a slow roll

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Yay, yay, more iPhone pics, I know. Fourth daughter tells me I need to step up my game, and actually looked at some classes for photography and Photoshop, yikes. Now that cooking is over it might be nice to learn how to digitally erase extra chin, and perhaps other spots, haha.

Anyways, it’s a slow roll towards change, and change we are feeling. We’re loving biking around more for small grocery trips and errands.

Thank you, Booie, for the beautiful white flowers, and noticing the ever-changing rhythm of time. Twenty-something or fifty-something and beyond, let’s all keep the faith.

Every day dress, it’s a slow roll. xoxo

mindful luxury

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Our world out there is not slowing down, and like most women we’ve been here, there, and everywhere, and packing up yet again in about 36 hours.

Yeah, of course we have a thing for luxury goods, yet also thinking much more about being mindful.

For all travels lately we’ve relied on carry on Louis Vuitton roller, beloved Celine tote, and small cross-body bag that gets tucked inside tote. Louis roller’s been around longer than a decade, and the tote and bag are here forever and all three will definitely get passed down to one of four daughters. White blouse and denim, wardrobe staples.

Of course there’s always a scarf in there too. When traveling whether it’s three weeks long-haul or three days by auto we limit ourselves to a carry-on and a tote, that’s it. So much easier when dealing with less.

Every day dress, now working more towards mindful luxury.

photos shot on iPhone | Porto train station


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Never mind we asked for, and granted, two thirty-day extensions (thank you, Rouxbe) for professional cook certification, we’re finally #graduated. Eighteenth out of a class of 60+, and a grade of 95%. Second daughter said I underestimated: oh, well; finished, and checked off the list. All good things take time, and usually more time than planned for, or expected.

spatchcock your chicken for even grilling results

hold your potato puree over a Bain Marie

Lifelong learning, we’re a fan. A few simple notes, that kind of tie in with what we do professionally, sell luxury clothing and dress beautiful women.

  • search out the absolute best ingredients, whatever that may be, a black v-neck cashmere sweater, classic white blouse, happy hen organic eggs, the very best carrots, celery, and onions.
  • pay careful attention to the set-up, making sure everything is fresh, sourced well, measured, and in tune with the present season.
  • use, (or wear), everything until it’s done, finished, and worn out.

late summer grilled chicken, potato puree, and tomato salad

We’re working on reducing food waste, and clothing waste, and loving good, enduring style.

ps. all best practices tell us to get on a regular, scheduled posting schedule, yikes, is life really like that

september, perhaps a summer month

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Last night, celebrated thirty years of marriage, with family dinner at home cooked by second daughter, Booie. Chrissy Teigan fish tacos, and Mexican street corn, all delicious, woot woot.

Submitted last six assignments for professional cook certification, completed 4 hour final exam, waiting upon final assessment. Double woot woot.

Listened to a webinar today on building better blog traffic, and main takeaway: publish daily, yikes, to stay top of mind. Oh, and top SEO posts are at least 1,500 words, woah. Would you guys read all that?

Are we all about top of mind? And SEO? Hmm…

Anyways, it’s 79 degrees on a late September evening in BUF. Headed to NYC first thing tomorrow and it’s looking like 80 degrees for two days straight.

Thinking all clothing is multi-season now. What we wear every day needs to work every day.

Every day dress, September, perhaps a summer month.


good vibes :)

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No more moody blues, we’ve got good vibes going on. 🙂

Celebrating 30 years of marriage tomorrow, and we’ve been living and loving life, in the kitchen and beyond. Sometimes you need to feel and maybe write about the lows to really feel the highs.

Finally got that udon noodle, actually had to get down and honestly knead that thing with my feet. Footnote, haha: 98% through with professional chef certification and udon noodles had me all tied up. Tried that thing so many times and finally thank you google did it like they said; put the dough ball in a plastic bag, threw it on the floor, and between a kitchen towel or two massaged it out with two feet.

Every day dress, good vibes. 🙂



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super wearable navy blazer, and who doesn’t love a striped shirt 

Most women reading here can probably google majordomo and get it, and maybe just maybe relate to the fleeting feeling I had yesterday: quitting everything.

same navy blazer again, this time with desk to dinner velvet must have velvet pant 

Not really sure if it was the anniversary of 9 11 or climate change, world events or a hurricane or two, simply felt like stepping out. Was thinking of dodging all philanthropic and committee work, not signing any renewable office lease space, resigning from a recently joined club, and not buying any new clothing or make up for twelve months straight, with the solid exception that if any of four daughters’ weddings (or two sons) should happen before that twelve month calendar date, all bets off, and even said it all out loud to the husband.

cashmere scarf and faux leather pants, absolutely 

Today, Tuesday, and haven’t done one thing of anything of the above. Actually settled into the every day, and deep down understand and enjoy the benefits of being engaged, in family, friends, life, work.

So, huge thank you to the world for continuously spinning. xoxo

professional photos l Worth New York


last first day

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Sixth child of six handled her first day of senior high exactly as she slipped into this world; low-key, super easy, and just like that.

She was out the door and gone before I even put the coffee on. Looked for her car upon my rise, and no, not there.

Her birth date was exact: almost born in the elevator, and husband delivered her before doc could get there. We knew the drill, head down, fluid clear, let’s go. Nurse was as nervous as hell.

In the room that night woke up and missed her, why oh why does she need to be in the newborn nursery, she belongs right here, right now.

This child knows things beyond her years, and we love her beyond infinity.

Last first day, and every day dress. xoxo

all photos shot in Portugal by Maxwell

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