engagement story

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Two years ago Christmas dinner our first of four daughters shed tears at the table believing she would never have her one to love. Hearts on hold, all around.

Ensuing days brought more shared meals, both celebratory and with deep conversation. Keep the faith, you are absolutely beautiful, and maybe try Tinder? She was like, ‘mom, really, a dating app?’, and I was like yes, absolutely. When you dress beautiful women you also listen to intimate details, and Tinder was one.

She hit pause, and then in the quiet of one night or an afternoon or not really sure, logged on, and in.

Direct match, and they had even met before, a year or two ago, and now had mutual friends and cousins and colleagues all intertwined, Two martinis and dinner at Nobu she shared with me they made out in the ATM bank lobby that first meeting, and I couldn’t have been happier hearing about lips locking, on the first night out. That rush and lust feeling at first sight, priceless.

Fast forward to summer weekends at the country house, a casual long ski weekend in upstate New York, a beach weekend or two in NH with his crowd, and then ten of us in Portugal this summer and it’s all feeling family familiar,

Late summer forces apartment and lease and roommate renewals, and naturally they draw together and make things work. An apartment for two, and they talk futures, and diamonds.

He calls the husband, as he’s traditional that way, and they arrange a Monday night NYC dinner for two, and cap it off with ‘let’s toast and drink some champagne’, my heart beats at the thought. He tells him he believes deeply she will want to celebrate with family, and wants to propose to her in her hometown, Buffalo. WOW.

Husband call me excitedly and say’s ‘babe, figure out a way to get her home, with him, this weekend, and it’s got be down low, and vague’. Cool, I’ve got this…sure. Lightbulb moment, mandatory family Saturday attic cleaning! Call her Wednesday morning telling her she’s the only one that gets my madness and I need her and the attic is disaster and fire hazard and I’m headed for a breakdown and she needs to be home and if she wants she can bring him with her LOL and dad will pay for flights. Bingo, she’s in, and flying home to BUF, with her man, for the weekend, and cleaning the attic.

Stealth text messaging with future son-in-law to be took place, ‘how about your parents?’, and he likes that idea. They book flights, we book the room, and a celebratory Saturday evening dinner is planned, unbeknownst to her, and everyone else. Family dinners are normal, yet engagement dinners, this is a first.

Lizzie was face-timed in

Entire family is put on mandatory attic cleaning, even the away college freshman. NO ONE knows anything. Lizzie can’t make it, she’s got weekend theatre rehearsals for a school play with two characters, and she’s one of them, haha.

They fly in late Friday, and there’s pizza, and wine, and a beer or two for him. Saturday morning 11 am sharp we start cleaning the attic. Ethan and Maxwell and Lexi arrive afterwards, tuck into the leftovers, and play video games and go virtual golfing. He cracks a beer before noon, as that was his day. Told the family I was too overworked to cook, and we were eating out, and the only last-minute place we could get on a Saturday night was dinner at the club and jacket and tie were required.

Husband and he are scheming, for proposal spots, and when. I run to the airport under pretense of heading to the studio, and shuttle his parents to downtown club, where festivities were planned.

Husband is like a cat on a hot tin roof, and future son-in-law is deciding a kitchen table, late afternoon, family wide proposal is key. WOW. Okay, we’ve got this, and chill: open a little wine, play a little music, call a family meeting to discuss holiday and Christmas calendars.

We gather, and there’s printed calendars and activities on table to consider, and he starts to talk, out loud, to all of us, thanking us for including him, and that he’s looking forward to Christmas, and every Christmas after that with our daughter, and it starts getting a little surreal, and then he’s down on his knee with the most brilliant diamond ever asking her to marry him. WOW.

Tears and shaking and champagne popping and it’s incredible.



We’re all overjoyed, and celebrate where most of our life takes place, in the heart of the home, the kitchen, and the garden.

Cocktails at seven, and dinner at eight, with his parents, and she still doesn’t know they are in town. I had a new dress for her, kind of like when we surprised her for her sweet sixteen, yet this time there was an added gift of fine lingerie, to match her dress, of course.


Met at the club bar, and his parents were there. She was ecstatic.

Set menu, candlelight, flowers, piano; enchanting.

Club pool, and cigars. Husband and I head home, and they all head out into the excitement of the night, and life.

Every day dress, engagement story, love all around. xoxo

all took place a week ago Saturday

all photos by her twin brother




a little softer

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While we’ve been been loving our default and go to color (or non-color) for about forever now, we’re feeling a bit of a pull to the softer side.

Recently chose carob, a chocolate color, over always first pick black for this leather fringe pocket shawl, and paired it with a decade and half old Zac Posen dress: it’s a wonder it still fits as that’s all a little softer now too. Love the pocket detail on the leather, great for the cell and nude lip color.

Always working towards making food and clothes a little better, every day.




weekend things

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farmer’s market, by bike, in the rain

setting up for the week ahead

they did brunch, with bloody’s and mimosas

ham and cheese, with bacon, double decadent

Twenty-three photos in this one, so hang on, thinking we need to explore video, yet not yet. Monday through Friday, and very choice weekends, we’re working our styling thing, dressing beautiful women in beautiful clothing. Those two end-days hit and it’s all about kitchen, and garden, and time spent outdoors. As the days get shorter we’re moving a little indoors, and shown here are a few intimate weekend thing highlights. Intimate, as we’re not all dressed, kind of how it is in our downtime. 🙂

happy at home

look close, there’s really two dogs there


when making bolognese, we simple triple, in two pots


stacks plates, asparagus in water, messy counter, working on that

gifted wine, and pastry dough, waiting…

taller than him, even barefoot :), might even weigh more, not looking, yikes

you know, butter is love….

Saturday night, at home

We like to cook, and feed those we love, always.

wilted herbs, and candles at brunch, all okay

why not put the fresh squeezed OJ in the fancy decanter

simple greens with beets and cucumbers, for breakfast

the real deal maple in a small flower vase, on the griddle, keeping it warm

Every day dress, and weekend things, that feed our soul into the days ahead. xoxo

Sunday night minestrone, works for Monday too

Booie polished some of the silver, getting ready, and dried hydrangea in wooden bowl

keeping it simple, weekend things

food porn

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bolognese is always satisfying

This one’s for you Christen: we’ve been working our butt off in the studio with all kinds of gorgeous clothing looks while dressing all kinds of beautiful women, yet also trying to keep the home fire burning with some good old food porn. 🙂

love these autumnal hydrangea from the country house


Honestly we’ve had lots of asks, and we try and deliver. Here we go: oldest daughter from NYC and third daughter from South Carolina home for a hot second so we cooked up a quick thankful dinner.

cauliflower rice, roasted butternut squash, caesar salad with garlic croutons, moving very slowly to a bit more plant based diet

slightly wilted from a few days ago garden herbs acting as centerpiece

what our working kitchen really looks like 

Roasting any kind of vegetable is one of our favorite techniques and works for adding flavor to breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Quick, easy, spontaneous and full of flavor, that’s how we roll.

Food porn, not our favorite subject line, yet definitely our thing.

Yay, we prep and cook with a very sharp knife and often in nothing at all but a sweatshirt and an apron or some beautiful bodysuit from our friends at Lace & Day. Seen here are a few real life kitchen happenings from the last week or so.

Every day dress, wear some good clothes and cook some good food.


velvet, trending?

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Have had a love affair with velvet for as long as we can remember; velvet when little, velvet for high school holiday stuff, velvet for Christmas time with a young man who is now husband for thirty-plus years, velvet for my littles when they were little, and now velvet: again and forever, at fifty-something, and probably forever.

They say velvet is trending, hey, we wore that fabric at younger sister’s wedding in Tuscany a decade and a half ago.

Now, we love it on our feet, and on our body, and basically all around.

Met our second daughter for fancy cocktail event and she was wearing: black velvet off-shoulder top and black denim, of course.

professional image / Worth New York 

With recent (and ongoing) closet edit we good-willed a bunch, and now covet a longer wrap jacket, and some easy wide-legged pants. Probably won’t wear them with the velvet Gucci boots, those can stand alone with last season and before closet add-ins. We’ll wear the new stuff with some down low Birkenstocks, or perhaps a fancy sneaker, and almost always with a good knit.

Which leads us to next favorite textile, cashmere. V-neck cashmere sweater, closet classic. When the stars are aligned we have a good-looking good-feeling cashmere v-neck in wardrobe rotation.

Every day dress and velvet is trending, forever. Pull out your velvet or add a little new, now’s the time. xoxo


falling for fall

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Finally, in love with the idea of fall; the cooler temps, the farmers market, the fall wardrobe.

We’re heading into trunk show mode, so we’ll be dressing women in all Worth New York‘s best this coming Friday, October 20th through Thursday, October 26th, and then again in W by Worth, Friday, November 3rd through Thursday, November 9th.

In the meantime, it’s all about long walks, plaid shirts, hot coffee, cooking up a storm, and dresses with ankle boots.

Wishing everyone beautiful fall days, and nights. Every day dress, and falling madly for fall. xoxo

new place in town

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With a half-dozen young adult kids or so they keep you in the loop of latest happenings: Rowhouse Bakery & Restaurant, you’re the new place in town, and you’ve totally got it going on. Thank you Maxwell and Ethan for getting us out tonight.

Loved being at the soft opening, and more than that looking forward to returning this Friday after another Buffalo city love thing, wine tasting at City Wine Merchant.

Sensual sensory stimulation from the wood-fired crispy thin crust pizza to the varied and detailed ceiling treatments throughout. We’ve been into good, soulful food of late, and you all delivered. Broke out the new velvet Gucci boots for a first-time run, happy, style post about those beauties coming soon.

Every day dress, new place in town, thank you all at Rowhouse Bakery & Restaurant. xoxo

photos | maxwellmichaels.shootproof.com

home, alone

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simple sliced mushrooms for breakfast and lunch, when home, alone

We’ve been here, there, and everywhere; really wanting to be home, alone.

Last weekend RI and VT, weekend before NYC, and all that goes with that.

This past weekend small little ski town in upstate, Ellicottville, and still here, after all is gone, love being home, alone.

city garden, early fall

carb loading, for sure, and copper pot needs some polish

Before leaving for the ski house by auto we negotiated a little stay in the city time, to bake, and do a little weekend prep, divine. Kitchen in the city works, and we know once we touch down anywhere there are humans to feed. 🙂

steak, bloody’s, asparagus and overcooked eggs, for six or so

Recognizing that learning how to cook, and perhaps cook well, is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Even better is when you share with others, simply need a little solo recharge at times.

husbands’ flannel and boxers, kitchen in EVL

No complaints, ever. Simply loving the down-time.

Every day dress. Home, alone; or with one or a few that you really love.

Godspeed to all in Santa Rosa, Napa, Sonoma, and beyond….


base layer

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Can’t control much, yet underneath it all we can choose what we wear for our base layer. Even when its denim and the husbands shirt, underneath it all it’s every day dress, and a good base layer, to help us keep our cool.

We absolutely love Lace & Day, and how they make the ordinary, extraordinary. Dressing is a thing, and starting with the good stuff sets the tone. Everyone needs a base layer, and we’re all about making nice.

Now, until Saturday, October 7th, enjoy savings of 15% by celebrating their Second Anniversary Celebration. Tuesday – Saturday 10am  – 6pm. Visit Laceandday.com for information about parking behind the store.

Every day dress, let’s all make our base layer a good one. xoxo

it’s a slow roll

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Yay, yay, more iPhone pics, I know. Fourth daughter tells me I need to step up my game, and actually looked at some lynda.com classes for photography and Photoshop, yikes. Now that cooking is over it might be nice to learn how to digitally erase extra chin, and perhaps other spots, haha.

Anyways, it’s a slow roll towards change, and change we are feeling. We’re loving biking around more for small grocery trips and errands.

Thank you, Booie, for the beautiful white flowers, and noticing the ever-changing rhythm of time. Twenty-something or fifty-something and beyond, let’s all keep the faith.

Every day dress, it’s a slow roll. xoxo

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