party to go

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muscles in a wine butter broth

simple table with chargers

hair up, we don’t care

We’ve been town & country, carting food & wine here, there, and everywhere.

salmon on cabbage

a flat of homegrown strawberries = 14 jars of jam

Life is moving fast, definitely some big bumps, yet we’re celebrating the simple.

yes, please, homegrown peas

everyone in the kitchen now

Breaking bread, always a party to go. When we started this site 5+ years ago we were all about making your bed, protein at breakfast, walk the dogs, get out of the yoga clothes, put on some makeup (yay, kind of slacking on that one, it’s summer…), make some dinner, spend time with those you love, enjoy a glass of wine. Still the same.

major mac & cheese prep, notice the rose gold Birkenstocks and the white polish 

unplanned family supper

flower prep, check out the sleeping dog 🙂

blanched hericots verts and chorizo bread waiting to be cubed

the sky is falling

double denim, double wooden salad bowls, toss with your hands

gorgeous roasted miniature San Marizona tomatoes

homegrown for the table times twelve

the gangs all here

knot those cloth napkins if no time to iron 

Every day dress. xoxo

back in town, champagne and cell phone never far behind….

messy kitchen counter, honest kitchen life xoxo


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Boom!, and just like that it’s the first of July.

We’ve been rewired, and totally recommend it. Decided the corporate world wasn’t where our head is at, and instead picked up a second line for styling our women. While we will always love a little luxury, sometimes we’re all about being contemporary, and sometimes it’s a mix of the two. Options, always.

Cooking continues…

Know we’ve let the blog go a little, life can get crazy good, that’s just how it goes.

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone, and wishing everyone the opportunity to try new things.

Every day dress, rewired.

Simple style note: Yes, we reattached the fringe hem so just enough of the ankle and the shoe show. Sewing skills, priceless.

Black Leather Camisole | W by Worth Fall 2017

gone cooking

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Asparagus Risotto with Truffle Oil

Haven’t forgotten our sartorial sense, it’s just that we’re sliding into the home stretch of a six-month professional cook certification course, yikes. Total new-found respect for anyone that cooks for others, not always easy.

favorite chocolate chip, Furman University cut-outs, lemon bars, and white Sangria

EJ, wearing Worth New York, and Lizzie, wearing her ivy crown,

and Furman University hoodie

We’ve got a July 12th drop date, and still have things to do. Here’s a quick look at what’s been going on, while we haven’t been regularly updating the blog:

prepping an Alsatian onion tart, super delicious

Caldo Verdi soup stuff

nice little healthy lunch

We love food, we love good clothes, we love working with women and feeding others, now we need to finish and graduate. 🙂

wearing two pieces from a new line I picked up: W by Worth,

and absolutely no make-up, it’s been that crazy good 🙂

we still get to the office, really need to finish this cooking school…

get ready Fall 2017, see you soon,

Every day dress, we’ve gone cooking for a little. xoxo

event prep

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It’s all hands on deck, we’ve got activities going on: high school commencement, out-of-town guests, getting together to watch the sun set.

We here at every day dress feel all moments are better with good clothes and great food.

We’re in the kitchen and in the closet, feeding and dressing.

Every day dress, event prep in perpetuity, that’s what we do. xoxo

some new regulars

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When you’ve been away from something for a while, its way more challenging to jump back in. After the long holiday weekend decided today was the day, so here we go with some new regulars:

Last week Monday hosted a small little brunch. Served up avocado toast, individual frittatas, kale salad with fried garbanzo beans, and a blueberry granola yogurt parfait. Soon to be graduate Lizzie liked the effort, so we’re making these all again for her upcoming celebratory lunch. We’ll add some more sides, as we’ll be lunching, maybe a few or our old regulars, things like lobster mac & cheese, open-faced mini beef tenderloin sandwiches with horseradish cream sauce, and definitely mimosa’s, bloody’s, sangria and a cookie platter.

Like our wardrobe, we like to refresh and update our food things too, really just basics with a small twist.

Every day dress, some new regulars.

celebrating women

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artwork by Maxwell Collins

this woman is powerful, ageless, and all colors

Buffalo NY skyline on left-hand border

Okay, so we’re totally behind the eight ball and have no idea where these days go. While checking in with a client today and organizing her clothing delivery and our respective schedules and where we might be, she said she simply tells her family when asked about her plans for the day: ‘I’m working, no further explanation needed’. Love that, and borrowing, for sure. No more questions.

Teresa C. Younger, President and CEO of the Ms. Foundation

Philanthropy-wise we’re quickly coming up on an event we’ve been working on: What She’s Made Of 2017, and it’s all about celebrating women. Held at world-renowned Albright-Knox Art Gallery, sponsored by M&T Bank, and hosted by exemplary Delaware North, this is an event not to be missed, this coming Monday, May 22nd. Our keynote is Teresa C. Younger, President and CEO of the Ms. Foundation for Women. She’s all about women and economic equality, and strives to offer opportunity for low-income women and girls. All funds raised are used to break the cycle of poverty in Western New York.

We’ll have exquisite cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, an inspiring keynote address, and a fun, outdoors, exquisitely tented after party, all food and drink by Delaware North.

Here’s an iPhone pic of what I think I might wear, spring-time in BUF with women and cocktails, why not pull out all the stops?

Every day dress and we’re all about celebrating women. Click here for event details. Looking forward to seeing you there. For women today and now, everything is possible. xoxo

For more information or to reserve by phone, please call 716-887-2621. It’s the party of the season.


a mid-year agenda

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white tulips, bread, and butter is love

spaghetti and meatballs, one of the mother sauces

haricots verts and milk braised pork, looks weird, tastes delicious

cod, asparagus, quinoa and sautéed tomatoes

spring is time for rack of lamb

pesto, by hand, no food processor, with small pasta

maple glazed carrots cooked in scratch chicken stock

Essie ‘bikini so teeny‘ nail color

We’ve been out for a little, cooking, gardening, parenting, and forever working on good habits. We’ve been at our studio as well, helping women put together looks for spring and summer events, professional and celebratory. One thing we’ve added to our personal shopping cart is a new mid-year agenda, to help us stay on track, especially those daily habit kind of things.

Last year for the 51st birthday bought the desk size, this year we’re sizing down. Streamlining has been kind of our thing, with the wardrobe edit, now the agenda, and even the wallet. We’ve switched to carrying a little silver card case, with two cards, one for personal, one for business, and our drivers license. All those fancy store credit cards, gone. Card case slips into our bag, or a jacket pocket, or the back of our jeans. Easy.

We love anything Smythson, friend and colleague gifted us with these amazing notebooks, one personalized SCRAPPY, and the other, CLASSY. Pretty much sums us up. Thank you, dear friend.

Every day dress, some new habits, and a new mid-year agenda.


time for new

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Passion wise, we’ve had a little love affair with the five mother sauces: oh, velouté, you keep me in stock.

Professionally, we’re craving something new. Even if it’s a riff on what we know; black tee, black pant, it’s time for new.

We’ve been in the kitchen and working trunk. Good food, good clothes.

Every day dress, time for new. xoxo

black tee, black pant | Worth New York Spring Summer 17

linen, un-ironed

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Conversation with 5th child, 3rd daughter, before dinner: me: ‘really kind of liking these un-ironed linen napkins of late’, her: ‘yeah, I get it, me too’.

We’re all for a little pomp and circumstance, especially when the occasion calls for it, yet on a weeknight family kitchen dinner, we can go with the un-ironed.

Like everyone out there, we’ve been busy (prom season et al), and wondering where the days go.

sliced leg of lamb, roasted potato, sautéed spinach

all hands on deck, fish tacos 

we always love a little wine

As crazy as it gets, the glue that keeps us together is breaking bread, whatever that may be. Peanut butter and jelly, fish tacos, roasted leg of lamb, doesn’t really matter.

a rail for a client

Every day dress, linen, un-ironed. xoxo

all photos from the iPhone, we got a new laptop and it doesn’t have a memory card drive, not that it makes a big difference, LOL, figuring it out, stay tuned.

ring day and poetry reading

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Fourth daughter, sixth child, receives her high school ring in a few hours. For this, we’ll wear a dress, and a little cropped cashmere cardigan pulled from the wardrobe archives.

Went to a lovely poetry reading yesterday at a women’s club, and wore this outfit there too. You know we love a little outfit repeat, makes things easy.

Today while running around wore black leather pants, and we most often happily spend our days in denim. For spring events, like ring day and poetry readings, we go for a soft colored dress, pastel cashmere cardigan, a pretty little bag, and a kind of funky shoe boot. To keep things fun its light blue on the toes. And, that little cashmere cardigan doesn’t match the dress one bit, we like to wear things a little imperfectly.

Every day dress, ring day and poetry reading, in a dress, of course. xoxo

Worth New York friends and clients, spring summer 17 trunk starts this weekend. Special occasion or every day? We can help.

Oh, and since it’s raining cats and dogs we’re making split pea soup for simple dinner with this past weekends ham archive.

dress and cardigan | Worth New York

bag | Dior   shoe | Prada

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